Fri 14 Jun 2024 1:03 pm - Jerusalem Time

The war of deterrence is beating its drums!!

Despite the United States’ strict warning to Israel to avoid opening a new front in northern Palestine to confront Hezbollah’s bombing, Israel wants this war after a long wait, in light of the continued attrition between the two parties since October 8.
The war exhausted many capabilities and claimed the lives of dozens of resistance activists in southern Lebanon. A large number of Israeli soldiers were also killed and dozens injured. The war of attrition forced the settlers of the north to flee to safer places in the center of the occupied entity, and studies were affected in most schools in the northern settlements. The fire destroyed about 45 thousand acres of crops, but it seems that the war will not stop at this point, and this time it is likely to turn into a war of deterrence.
After similar statements, in which Hezbollah said that it would continue to bomb Israeli settlements until Israel was deterred and stopped targeting and assassinating activists, Israel discussed in the cabinet session in its new quartet (Netanyahu, Gallant, Dromer, and Deri) how to respond to Hezbollah in a harsh manner that ensures the achievement of deterrence.
It was not surprising that the American President said that the war in our region would be prolonged, as this statement carries many trends, but the most important of them may be due to his knowledge of Israel’s plans and intentions, that it wants to launch a large-scale ground attack on southern Lebanon, which complicates the situation in the linked Gaza Strip. Completely with the resistance of southern Lebanon, but most importantly of all, the United States fears the outbreak of a loud confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah because of its fear that it will develop into a regional war in which Iran may interfere. All of this will affect the course of the American elections and reduce the chances of President Biden winning them, given his positions on the war. In the Middle East ..
Last night, the Israeli army conveyed its recommendations to the political level regarding the necessity of reducing the duration of the operation in Rafah, which ends on the twenty-ninth of June, and shifting attention to the South Lebanon front, thus considering Lebanon the main front and Gaza the secondary front. However, it is clear that Netanyahu will not dare to do so at this stage. In light of the statements of a number of officials that the army will not be able to fight on two fronts simultaneously..
Decisive days await us, and everything is subject to the equation of the Palestinian north (southern Lebanon) linked to what is happening in the Gaza Strip. The more the pace of the war on Gaza increases, the more ferocious Hezbollah’s response will be. This is what we have observed since the Israeli army stormed Rafah and committed dozens of massacres in the Gaza Strip. This suggests a noticeable increase in the level of tension on the southern Lebanon front, which may eventually lead to a large-scale deterrence war.


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The war of deterrence is beating its drums!!


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