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Out of 10 points...the draft American peace plan in the Middle East

The US State Department distributed a “draft” plan for peace in the Middle East that includes ten principles. “As members of the international community with a vital interest in supporting a future of peace and security for Israelis, Palestinians and all those affected by the conflict in Gaza, we affirm that the basic principles for ensuring lasting peace in the post-conflict period and advancing a two-state solution include the following,” she said:

1 - The international community must support the Palestinian people in rebuilding their lives in the Gaza Strip, including through exceptional investments in humanitarian, reconstruction and economic development needs. This requires the opening of land crossings to the Gaza Strip and the unhindered and sustainable flow of humanitarian aid and reconstruction assistance. Gaza's neighbors must support and facilitate this process.
2 - Groups that embrace the use of violence against civilians cannot govern or dictate the future of Gaza. All organizations and armed groups must disarm and renounce violence.
3 - Israel must withdraw from the Gaza Strip without any reduction in its territory or reoccupation. There must be no forced displacement from Gaza and Palestinians must be allowed to return to all their local areas in Gaza.
4 - The West Bank and Gaza Strip must ultimately be reunited under the sole authority of the Palestinian Authority, including civilian rule and security responsibilities. The Palestinian-led transitional period will require unique arrangements, support and contributions from international partners.
5 - A permanent end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the occupation can only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization that resolve all final status issues. We fully support steps to resume final status negotiations to achieve the goal of two states for two peoples enjoying mutual recognition and full equal rights for all their citizens.
6 - The Palestinians deserve to live in dignity and security in an independent, geographically contiguous and viable state for them and for the Israelis to live in security and to be accepted, recognized and integrated into the region, in a two-state solution negotiated on the basis of the lines of June 4, 1967, with exchanges agreed upon between the two parties. A just and agreed-upon solution for Palestinian refugees, as envisioned in the Arab Peace Initiative.
7. Ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict requires a coordinated regional effort. The possibility of normalization between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries, and Israel, while making tangible progress towards a two-state solution, constitutes a promising path to achieving peace, security, and regional integration that would benefit everyone.
8 - Unilateral actions and violations by the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority that undermine progress towards a two-State solution, including the expansion of settlements and outposts and the glorification of terrorism and violence, must end. The Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority must uphold the rule of law and reject violence and incitement to violence, whether committed by officials or members of the public.
9 - The two parties must implement the commitments they made in previous agreements, including in Aqaba and Sharm El-Sheikh in 2023, adhere to the historical status quo in the holy sites of Jerusalem, and respect the special role of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We recognize the deep connection between peoples of many faiths in Jerusalem and that the borders in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations.
10 - The Palestinian Authority must implement a comprehensive reform agenda that focuses on good governance, transparency, combating corruption, and reforming education and social care. We agree to focus our diplomatic efforts on advancing these principles and creating conditions for lasting peace and security in the region


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Out of 10 points...the draft American peace plan in the Middle East