Thu 13 Jun 2024 9:17 am - Jerusalem Time

Things are heating up in the north

While the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, the southern flank of the homeland, continues amid massacres committed daily against innocent civilians for no fault of their own, except that they are victims of the genocidal war waged by Israel, it seems that attention is gradually turning to the northern front as well, whose level of temperature and tension has risen to the highest degree. After Israel assassinated the commander of the Nasr unit, Talib Sami Abdullah, who was the most senior commander to be assassinated since the beginning of the war, the targeting operation came during a meeting of Hezbollah leaders.

Hours ago yesterday morning, Hezbollah began a major escalation campaign to respond to this operation and others, and it included bombing the entity’s settlements with missiles and launching drones, which led to the outbreak of a number of fires, and in most of the settlers’ schools, classes were not held regularly.

The settlements in the north are almost empty of their settlers, who have fled to every place in the occupied entity, except the north, in the largest flight campaign since 1967, which prompted the settlers to exert campaigns of pressure on the government, to provide protection and security and return them to their homes, to no avail.

Yesterday, with the increasing level of pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which began since the outbreak of the aggression against Gaza, he held a meeting that Israeli sources described as assessing the situation of the northern front and Hamas’ response to the American proposals paper. It seems that Netanyahu is unable, until this moment, to make a decision to launch a war. On southern Lebanon and Gaza at the same time, which is a matter that worries Netanyahu, who was subjected to sharp criticism yesterday from extremist minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who said that Netanyahu excluded him from the security consultation in order to continue hiding behind Eizenkot and Gantz, despite the fall of hundreds of rockets.

Israel is under great pressure and in a very difficult situation, and despite its leaders’ constant statements that the situation is fine, the results on the ground are completely opposite. It realizes that its skirmishes with Hezbollah may impose on it a very violent confrontation in the north, which has made it seek help from the United States to save it from the situation. A major dilemma that has brought a larger number of settlers into the line of fire, which may expand at any moment depending on the decision that Hezbollah will take, especially with regard to today’s response, which the party threatens to be harsh and violent.

Israel is the first and last responsible for igniting the fuse of the southern Lebanon front, which may develop into a more powerful battle, in connection with what is happening in the southern aggression that Israel is waging relentlessly against the Palestinians.


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Things are heating up in the north


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