Wed 12 Jun 2024 9:19 am - Jerusalem Time

The Palestinian response...embarrasses Israel

The Palestinian response arrived to change the exchange deal in line with prioritizing the interest of our people and the necessity of stopping the ongoing aggression against the Gaza Strip in general.

After a joint delegation from Hamas and Islamic Jihad presented the response of the resistance factions to Qatar and Egypt and its readiness to deal positively to reach any agreement that ends this war, the Palestinian side did what it had to and completed the role required of it in front of the eyes of the world, presenting the necessary and required amendment to some of the proposals, but the Israeli side did not He presents his vision or answer, and it seems clear that he will take advantage of the Security Council’s resolution to continue carrying out his massacres and aggression in the Gaza Strip and also in the West Bank after the massacre in the town of Kafr Dan yesterday, in the Jenin district..

As usual, Israel is a party that cannot be trusted. An attempt was detected to infiltrate and penetrate the Palestinian consensus, by communicating with Islamic Jihad separately, but the request was rejected.

The Palestinian side has responded with wisdom and tact to the United States, from its president and foreign minister to all its leaders, who have exerted great pressure on Hamas, accusing it of obstructing attempts to reach an agreement and an exchange deal. In fact, it is Israel that is obstructing that and delaying reaching an agreement, and even preventing it and diligently trying to reach an agreement. Killing the Palestinians, and now the ball is in the court of Netanyahu and his government, which has not issued anything positive, as usual.

After the Qatari Foreign Ministry’s statement yesterday that it and Egypt had received Hamas’ response, the United States said that it is good that Hamas submitted its response, and that it is evaluating it. The question that arises is, will the Biden administration address Israel in a strong tone, to reach a positive answer from it about the deal, and whether It is possible that the statements of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, when he said that Netanyahu promised him to move forward towards reaching an agreement, are honest and real, or are they just throwing ashes, statements for media consumption and diplomatic maneuvers..

The station of resolution, separation and sorting has come. Will Israel acquiesce and stop its operation in Rafah, withdraw from the Salah al-Din axis and the Gaza Strip permanently, and pledge to reach a respectable exchange deal, rebuild the Strip and not resume the aggression, or will it exploit the resistance’s positive response to place more obstacles? Based on an attempt to show pride, there is no doubt that it is evidence of losing the war and arrogance, because Israel is an entity accustomed to breaking sticks and cutting off roads, and not just putting them in the wheels..

Waiting for the United States to respond as well...


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The Palestinian response...embarrasses Israel


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