Tue 11 Jun 2024 9:42 am - Jerusalem Time

Blinken the shuttle

Once again, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is a guest in the region, including Israel, to place the burden on Hamas, claiming that it rejects the truce proposal, asking the Arab countries to pressure it to achieve this goal.

What appears publicly in Blinken’s meetings with Israeli officials are merely statements related to the situation following the war on Gaza, and reaching an agreement that leads to an exchange deal and ending the war, but what is happening behind the scenes is greater than any other trend, as American-Israeli coordination is considered at the highest level, It is part of the planning that is being prepared to continue the war and aggression against our people, as happened in the Nuseirat massacre, where the United States justified Israel’s brutal operation because it wants to recover four of the hostages, which provided it with the appropriate cover to continue its aggression and genocidal war.

Many of the visits were monitored by the American minister, and simultaneously with them, a new campaign was sparked on the Gaza Strip, as happened with the beginning of the ground aggression and the launch of the Khan Yunis operation. Hence, these visits carry with them great question marks, and emphasize the pivotal role that the United States plays in planning in the course of war and killing against our people..

The cloak of international diplomacy that the United States wears can never convince anyone that it is neutral or an honest mediator, despite its appearance on the largest global stage and its submission of a draft resolution approved by the UN Security Council that supports Biden’s proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip with the approval of 14 members and Russia’s abstention. Hence, if it wants to reflect a different picture, it must implement this decision and commit Israel to it, knowing that the position of the Palestinian resistance, after the issuance of the decision, was clear and is summed up by welcoming a complete ceasefire, withdrawal from Gaza, the return of the displaced, the exchange of prisoners, and reconstruction, through negotiations. It is indirect about the application of these principles, which are in line with the desire and resistance of our people.

After all that, is it reasonable for Blinken to remain committed to his American position, through which he claims that Hamas is the one who rejects the exchange deal, to hold it responsible for the failure of the negotiations, and to give Israel a free hand to expand its ground operation in Rafah and commit more massacres?

It is time for Israel and the United States to adhere together to the Security Council resolution and end this destructive and disastrous war, instead of creating justifications and excuses for the continued shedding of the blood of our people. Attention must be paid to the course of the ongoing war in Rafah and most parts of the Gaza Strip, which may escalate soon, due to the failure of the exchange deal so far.


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Blinken the shuttle


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