Mon 10 Jun 2024 9:39 am - Jerusalem Time

Rafah is in the line of death!!

If the exchange deal turns into a slap, and this is not unlikely in light of Israel’s insistence on not stopping the war, which is the most important element in any agreement from a humanitarian perspective, then thousands of Rafah citizens will be exposed to death because of Israel’s intention to expand its aggression and ground operation in the southern Gaza Strip.
According to a new analysis conducted by the Hopkins University Center for Human Health and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 40 residents of Rafah will die every day due to their severe injuries if Israel continues its invasion. This means that 3,509 citizens will be killed due to injuries alone, not including diseases and hunger, by the middle of next August.
The need appears to be very urgent for Israel and Hamas to agree on ceasefire proposals, because a large number of Palestinians will be killed in the coming months, and based on an equation conducted by these competent international bodies in comparison with the aggression on Khan Yunis, the number of Palestinian martyrs is considered loud, especially The conditions are similar to what happened in Khan Yunis in terms of evacuation and displacement orders.
The aim of these proposed initiatives is to show the consequences of the continued Israeli aggression and the necessity of saving civilian lives, after the number of martyrs reached more than 37 thousand.
Despite all of the above, Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the occupation government, insists on continuing the war until the elimination of Hamas in his statements yesterday evening, but achieving this goal is almost impossible because Hamas has been fully involved for two decades in the daily lives of the citizens of Gaza and some of its most important leaders live outside Palestine. Despite this fact that the American President made clear to the Israeli side, that achieving victory over Hamas seems difficult, Israel only recognizes the language of killing and destruction, based on its quest to continue taking revenge on our Palestinian people, and this clarifies the essence of the Israeli desire and the reason for its permanent failure of any exchange deal.
The failure of the Netanyahu government, which the Israeli street considers to be a fake government and the most failed government, has been proven absolutely after the resignation of Ministers Benny Gantz and Gadi Eizenkot yesterday evening. The essence of the two resignations is that Netanyahu failed to achieve the goals of the war, and from here the focus of Netanyahu and his extreme right-wing coalition will be on preventing an exchange deal that will stop the war and more. Of the killings against our people..


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Rafah is in the line of death!!


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