Mon 10 Jun 2024 8:07 am - Jerusalem Time

Dr. Gershon Baskin: The operation to free the hostages led to a state of euphoria in Israeli society

Dr. said. Gershon Baskin - Peace Activist and Hostage Families Forum Yesterday's operation to free the hostages led to a state of euphoria in Israeli society, but it will not lead to a change in the course of the negotiations or the prices that Hamas is demanding in exchange for the release of the hostages. Baskin pointed out that the families of the hostages and detainees are well aware of this matter, and this was proven in the huge demonstration that took place yesterday in the city of Tel Aviv. Which proved that specific military operations will not lead to the release of more hostages, and that waiting for special military operations will prolong the war indefinitely, in addition to posing a great danger to their lives.

Baskin considered that the impasse now between the Israeli and Palestinian parties is due to Hamas’ refusal to relinquish power in the Gaza Strip and advance a political settlement, while the Israeli government refuses to advance this path, and therefore it is necessary to go out to the Israeli street to pressure the government to advance the date of the elections.

He considered that Jans's withdrawal from the government, or his non-withdrawal, would not lead to a fundamental change, but his postponed statement may have implications for the internal political arena and increase momentum for popular protests.

He considered the failure to discuss the next day in the Gaza Strip to be an obstacle that prevents progress in any political settlement. He pointed out that the Palestinian Authority model at its current time cannot be a successful model as it is fragile, weak, and does not have authority. Therefore, a new leadership must be developed that can govern the situation. Gaza and the West Bank together, and this needs the legitimacy of the Palestinian and Israeli streets.


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Dr. Gershon Baskin: The operation to free the hostages led to a state of euphoria in Israeli society


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