Thu 30 May 2024 10:12 am - Jerusalem Time

Do not burden Gaza and its resistance more than they can bear

We have written and affirmed more than once that resistance is a legitimate right for every people subject to occupation, especially the Palestinian people who face the most despicable and dangerous racist and terrorist occupation. This is what must be adhered to when addressing the world and in responding to the Zionists and Washington who classify resistance as a terrorist act and deny the Palestinian people their right to self-defense. While they justify the enemy's terrorism and consider it self-defense.

The problem does not lie in the principle of resistance, but in its method and who practices it? Resistance requires a strategy and national unity to practice it, and it has a clear, achievable goal or goals. It may not be improvisational, factional, or seasonal, and it must not be subject to an external agenda. The dispersion of the people and their presence in different political and geographic situations must be taken into account.

Emphasizing the legitimacy of the resistance and defending the resistors does not prevent or contradict the opening of internal dialogue and debate about how to manage the resistance and rationalize the resistance act. Saying that this is not the time for evaluation and accountability is rejected, because the disagreement over the issue and the lack of consensus around it goes back more than thirty years, especially to the signing of an agreement. Oslo 1993 and the division between those who support the continuation of military action and those who support the political settlement, and when the Hamas movement raised the slogan (resistance is an alternative to the political settlement and the approach to peace), and this division is what enabled external parties to interfere in our internal affairs and led to the separation of Gaza from the West Bank.

Those who are very enthusiastic about Hamas and the Gaza resistance say that we must stand alongside those who resist the enemy with weapons in Gaza or any other place, regardless of the party resisting, its goals, its external connections, the human and material losses resulting from this resistance, or the enemy’s ability to employ this form of resistance to achieve Strategic goals were planned in advance, as was the case in his response to the Al-Aqsa Flood operation.

With this position, they harm the resistance and the Palestinian people, consciously or unconsciously, and burden the resistance and the people of Gaza with more than they can handle when they expect them to defeat the enemy, liberate Palestine, and defend the honor of the Arab and Islamic nations. Erdogan even says that Gaza and Hamas are defending Anatolia. When this goal is not achieved, it is not due to the negligence of the resistance and the Palestinians, but rather because of the great imbalance in the balance of power in favor of the American-backed enemy and because of the failure of the Arab and Islamic nations, then they turn the backs on the resistance and Palestine and talk about the Palestinian failure to protect their land and the sale of Palestine, and they reinforce internal strife by holding the authority and the organization responsible. Tahrir and the Oslo group declare that they have done their duty and that the Palestinians are wrong.

Emphasizing the legitimacy of the resistance and defending the resistors does not prevent or contradict us from opening an internal dialogue and discussion about how to manage the resistance and rationalize the resistance action.


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Do not burden Gaza and its resistance more than they can bear


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Written by: Salam Fayyad