Wed 29 May 2024 7:37 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli army declares “full control” of the Philadelphia axis

The Israeli occupation army announced, this evening, Wednesday, its “full operational control” over the Salah al-Din (Philadelphia) axis, located along the border area between the besieged Gaza Strip and Egypt, south of the Gaza Strip, and claimed to have found 20 tunnels in the area and 82 underground wells.

The Israeli occupation army claimed that some of the 20 tunnels it claimed to have found were “smuggling tunnels to and from Egypt,” and said that “some of them had already been destroyed,” adding that “in addition, the Israeli army has now taken control of 82 underground wells near the Philadelphia axis and is examining them.” In preparation for its destruction.

The Philadelphia Axis, or the Salah al-Din Axis, is a border strip between Egypt and the Gaza Strip that extends within the Strip, hundreds of meters wide and 14.5 kilometers long, from the Kerem Shalom crossing to the Mediterranean Sea. According to what the occupation army reported, its forces are not present on the ground (physically) in a limited area “near the sea.”

According to the Israeli occupation, it has operational control even over this area, and its fire is directed towards it. Meanwhile, Israeli Army Radio quoted army sources as saying that “the Hamas oxygen cylinder from which the weapons entered Rafah is now in the hands of the Israeli army.”

According to Israeli Army Radio, the Israeli side informed the Egyptian side of “all the data” related to the region; The occupation army claimed that “dozens of rockets were found along the Philadelphia axis ready to be launched towards Israeli territory,” and claimed that Hamas deliberately placed the rockets at a very short distance from the Egyptian border.

Army Radio, citing its sources, reported that “Hamas deliberately placed the rockets at a very short distance, ranging between 10 and 40 meters from the Philadelphia axis, believing that the Israeli army would not want to attack it near the Egyptian border.”


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Israeli army declares “full control” of the Philadelphia axis