Tue 28 May 2024 9:03 pm - Jerusalem Time

Yair Golan is elected Chairman of the Israeli Labor Party

The former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli occupation army, Yair Golan, was elected Chairman of the Labor Party, by an overwhelming majority, obtaining 95.15% of the votes cast by party members.

The total number of voters reached 31,353 voters, or 60.6% of the total party members.

Businessman Avi Shaked received 1.89% of the votes, while protest activist Itai Leshem received 1.76% of them.

The party headed to the elections in the wake of the crisis it has been experiencing since the last elections for the Israeli Knesset, which was reflected in the poll results since then, as the party did not exceed the electoral threshold.

Golan, who also previously competed for the leadership of the Meretz party, had called for the unification of the "liberal" parties into one camp in the upcoming elections. He added: "We have to unite everyone."

He said, "The Labor Party, Meretz, and the protest movements are disappointed with the other parties."

He stressed the need to "bring everyone into a liberal political home that understands that Israel's future as a pluralistic society requires a foundation for a reformed state and society."

Merav Michaeli had announced her resignation from the presidency of the Labor Party in 2023, confirming that she would not compete for the party’s leadership in early internal elections, and that she would step down from membership in the Knesset as well.

Michaeli said at the time: “I was responsible for saving the Labor Party and its success in the previous Knesset elections.” She added, "I am also responsible for the party's situation today. Responsibility is not only for success. Therefore, I have no intention of competing in the internal elections for the Labor presidency, and I have no intention of running in the upcoming Knesset elections."

She added, "Israel is in a huge rift, and within this terrible matter there must be a new beginning. Therefore, elections must be held, and I am convinced that the elections will be held in the year 2024."


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Yair Golan is elected Chairman of the Israeli Labor Party