Tue 28 May 2024 9:58 am - Jerusalem Time

Israel systematically kills prisoners

Since the seventh of last October, the conditions of Palestinian prisoners have deteriorated due to the punitive measures practiced by the Israeli prison administration against them in various prisons, in retaliation for launching the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle.

Harsh testimonies are still coming from prisons that very few lawyers have succeeded in visiting, in addition to testimonies provided by some prisoners about the conditions of detention or detention, forcing detainees to strip, search them, and beat sensitive parts of their bodies, as there are hundreds of cases of fractures that require immediate treatment. In addition to the fact that some suffer from digestive system diseases, weak immunity, and very sharp weight loss, due to preventing them from eating natural and healthy foods, and the jailers deliberately provide hot water full of impurities and cold meals that have an unpleasant odor..

In Etzion Prison, the prison administration suppressed the detainees this week, for protesting against dirty food served to them, as the prisoners there were subjected to continuous repression on Saturday and Wednesday, amid deliberate raids on the cells and sections and beating them harshly, as many cases of fainting were recorded among them..

The most recent testimonies are narrated by workers at the Sde Teman army camp in the Negev, about 30 kilometers from the Gaza Strip, where it has been converted into a prison to hold prisoners who are beaten until their legs are cut off and their health conditions are neglected until they reach death and martyrdom.

The statements and testimonies were conveyed by camp workers to the British newspaper The Guardian, which pointed to the extent of the tragedy, suffering and pain that the prisoners experience as if they were in the graves of the dead.

In this prison, which consists of two sections: the first is an area surrounded by a fence, where about 200 detainees are detained and subjected to very violent assaults. They are handcuffed for long hours and deprived of sleep and painkillers. If one of them objects, he is forced to raise his hands and remain in a permanent state of standing. They were beaten with wooden clubs and iron rods, causing some of them to suffer internal bleeding and deep wounds.

The second section is a field hospital, similar to an emergency room, where prisoners are held with shackles in their hands, and they undergo limb amputations and serious surgeries in the abdomen and chest.

Another investigation conducted by CNN with guards at the Sde Timan camp indicated that the torture of prisoners is not done to obtain intelligence information, but rather out of revenge for what happened on the seventh of last October, and they are not allowed to speak at all, otherwise the counting raids (counting of prisoners) It is often an occasion for leaving them in difficult situations, with dogs being used to desecrate their rooms, and even attacking them..

Israel has turned three army camps into prisons, which are in addition to the Teman dams in the Negev, both the Ofer and Anatot / Anata camps. They are considered slaughterhouses in which Israel commits a war of genocide hidden from view among the ranks of the prisoners, until the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory went on to say: These prisons have been turned into copies. More bloody than Guantanamo prison.

There are no values in prisons, and prisoners are subjected to a systematic killing plan. Many of them have been martyred since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza, at a time when attention is focused on a very small handful of Israeli detainees held by the resistance. The world should pay attention to what is happening against about fifteen thousand. A Palestinian detainee against whom Israel is waging a genocidal war unprecedented in history.


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Israel systematically kills prisoners


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Written by: Salam Fayyad