Mon 27 May 2024 10:40 am - Jerusalem Time

A waterfall of blood in Rafah

Israeli shells and missiles turned the tents of the displaced in Rafah into a mass grave, where the pure blood of the martyrs mixed with the flames and fires that broke out inside the barracks and tents that shelter the refugees.

This is how Israel and its army are directed by extreme right-wing leaders to commit massacre after massacre against innocent, defenseless civilians, in a scene that confirms Israel’s successive crimes against our people. There is no doubt that this massacre committed by Israel is a clear message of defiance to the world, which was deceived by the justifications of the Americans who promoted The displaced people from Rafah left the city and returned to the center and the north, while the truth is that the vast majority of civilians did not leave Rafah.

Israel bears the consequences of this horrific massacre, which rises to the highest level of war crimes and genocide against defenseless citizens, most of whom are young children, sleeping in the hope that they will wake up today with relief achieved and the grief lifted, but their innocent dreams were destroyed by missiles and cannons.

Three days after the International Court of Justice’s decision demanding that Israel cease fire in Rafah, the new massacre is fully consistent with Netanyahu’s statements yesterday evening when he indicated that the war will not stop, and is consistent with the threats of extremist Itamar Ben Gvir, who called for launching strong and immediate raids on Rafah. With what was presented by Benny Gantz, a member of the War Cabinet, who threatened to bomb Rafah in response to the resistance rockets that reached Tel Aviv.

This government directive is considered an incitement to kill all features of human life and its full human value in the Gaza Strip, and therefore it must be urgently addressed to the Security Council to take an immediate decision to stop the war, not only in Rafah, but in all of Gaza, which is suffering from massacres and crimes. Consecutive ..

The Israeli occupation deliberately causes the largest possible number of dead among civilians and displaced persons, taking advantage of their presence in so-called safe places based on its description. In fact, there is no safe place in the Gaza Strip, and in the eyes of the Israeli media, all martyrs, even children, are saboteurs and terrorists.
This is how Israel is the major crime empire in the world


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A waterfall of blood in Rafah


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Written by: Salam Fayyad