Sat 25 May 2024 10:05 am - Jerusalem Time

The Fraudulent justice

Since the first session of the International Court of Justice was held in The Hague on January 11 of this year to consider a request submitted by the grateful State of South Africa to stop the crimes of genocide in the Gaza Strip, waterfalls of innocent blood, most of them women and children, have flowed. If it had been poured into the sea, it would have been dyed red. Residential blocks were destroyed, hospitals were put out of service, cemeteries were bulldozed, hundreds of thousands of residents starved, massacres were committed, crossings were closed, and water, electricity, and fuel were denied to the sector besieged by fire, smoke, and gunpowder in a scene the likes of which history had never witnessed.

(The previous decision of its kind) despite its positive and immediate nature, it lacks the will and power capable of implementing it, but at the same time it will besiege the United States and double its embarrassment before the international community and before its public that is angry at its policies, which has long called on Israel to stop its invasion of Rafah because of its repercussions. This situation threatens to cause a large number of casualties in the besieged city, which lies under the tracks of tanks and bombing by aircraft.

The judicial order, accompanied by the judicial ruling issuing two arrest warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant. The European recognitions of the Palestinian state, the successive positions and international sympathy for the victims and their just cause, strip Israel of its strategic weapons, and show it naked except for its deadly weapons that have turned the Gaza Strip into a piece of Hell, it shows it as a rogue state rebelling against international justice.

What is withdrawn from Israel’s balance goes to the account of Palestine, which changed the face of the world and opened the doors to sharp transformations and turns in international positions and policies and popular movements towards the Palestinian issue, and revealed to the world the truth that the Israelis have always tried to hide and deceive the world by promoting it, driven by the desires of excess power, arrogance and dreams of expansion. Palestine, like a phoenix, is resurrected from under the ashes of the Holocaust. It is the moment of truth, the moment of freedom, and the moment of grave exposure of the perpetrators.


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The Fraudulent justice


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Written by: Salam Fayyad