Sat 25 May 2024 10:08 am - Jerusalem Time

The pressing question: Will Israel comply?

After the decision taken by the International Court of Justice in The Hague to demand that Israel stop the war on Rafah immediately, the most important question arises: Will Israel abide by the decision and submit to it for the first time, or will the pace of aggression expand to cause Israel to flout international and international conventions and resolutions a second, third and tenth time?
It is true that the decision was supposed to include stopping the aggression against the entire Gaza Strip, but in the interim it is considered good because it puts Israel in a tight corner again so that the shocks and blows it receives continue, from condemnations, denunciations and denunciations to the punitive recommendations expected from the Criminal Court and the decisions of the International Court of Justice. Yesterday, which we hope will include stopping all forms of aggression against the Gaza Strip, in addition to European countries’ recognition of Palestine as an independent state, which is one of the steps that was most embarrassing for Israel.
As usual, the Israeli statements come in condemnation and extremism, calling, as usual, for the necessity of occupying Rafah in response to the decisions of the International Court, which come to triumph over the will of a people exposed to the ugliest and cruelest types of aggression in history.
Despite the statement of the Secretary-General of the United Nations that the decisions of the International Court of Justice are binding and must be respected, Israel does not recognize the language of respect and appears to be continuing the series of aggression, expulsion and displacement to continue the chapters of the massacre it is committing in front of the eyes of the world.
Today, this resolution stands in limbo, searching for implementation on the ground, through numerous Palestinian, Arab, and international demands for the need to compel Israel to comply with it. If it is subject to a Security Council vote, as expected, the American veto will be closer to reality, despite the United States’ reservations about a ground operation in Rafah. The green light from the United States may give Israel a lifeline again.
Despite Israel's recognition of the extent of international pressure on it, it may continue its aggression, and the urgent question in the midst of intense diplomatic dialogues behind the scenes: Will the global diplomatic space finally succeed in speaking its mind, or will Israel break through the clouds as usual?


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The pressing question: Will Israel comply?


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Written by: Salam Fayyad