Wed 22 May 2024 9:10 am - Jerusalem Time

Israel kills the teacher, student and doctor..!!

The actions carried out by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people can only be described as barbaric, based on a strategy of murder and bloodshed. In addition to the continuous aggression and massacres in the Gaza Strip, where dozens of martyrs died in one day, Israel launched a violent attack on the city and camp of Jenin, killing seven martyrs and dozens of others. The wounded are in addition to widespread and deliberate sabotage of all life facilities, Jenin landmarks and infrastructure. The aggression is still continuing and may continue for additional days.

It was not surprising that the aggression against Jenin was renewed, as Israel has repeatedly launched it in recent years, and based on decisions taken by the occupation government during the past weeks, a military campaign was approved on the camps and cities of the West Bank, under the pretext of eliminating resistance there and arresting those whom Israel describes as wanted. In addition to sabotaging infrastructure and destroying everything that symbolizes the Palestinian presence in the West Bank, including historical evidence and stories.

The new campaign coincides with the recommendations of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, and it is natural for Israel to respond to them by accelerating and expanding the pace of aggression everywhere.

Israel killed, with the merciless weapons of its army, the teacher who was heading to his school carrying a transcript of the students’ grades, and one of the students who was waiting for his grades in another school. He succeeded with distinction and was promoted to heaven, and his seat and the teacher’s seat will remain vacant as a reminder of the great tragedy and to gather all the beautiful memories they experienced. The teacher in his long educational career, as he is the successful educator who taught thousands of students, and the student who left in the prime of his life to tell his story in the paradise of eternity to those who decided, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, to embrace them and give them eternal embrace..

The Israeli  army was aggressive and killed the doctor who was on his way to the hospital to complete his humanitarian and medical mission, depriving him of it so that this army would prove that it was barbaric and merciless.

The official website of the Israeli army says that its leadership, members and elements are armed with humanitarian values in all circumstances, and that the army derives its ethics from four sources, the most striking of which are the moral and humanitarian values that respect the value and dignity of the human being. Unfortunately, the dignity, value and consideration of the Palestinian are of no importance and no place. In the eyes of this army and its dictionary full of killing, abuse, torture, humiliation and arrest...

What happened yesterday in Jenin, by confronting the killing of the doctor, teacher and student, is a targeting of the Palestinian message of education and the humanitarian message embodied by Palestinian doctors par excellence, and an attempt to eliminate the dignity and pride of innocent citizens, which represents a continuation and continuation of the state of aggression against Gaza and the killing of the elderly, women and children. Minors and infants, and targeting the entire Palestinian situation.

The description of the Israeli army as a regular and moral army that operates in accordance with international law, by senior Israeli officials, is a mockery and belittlement of the minds of peoples and nations. The Criminal Court prosecutor should have also demanded the issuance of arrest warrants for a number of army leaders who drew scenarios and plans to continue slaughtering and killing the Palestinian people. Until they take their share of punishment and realize very well that they are leaders without values, without conscience, and without feeling.


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Israel kills the teacher, student and doctor..!!


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