Sat 20 Apr 2024 4:57 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli media wonders about Iran's response

Discussions on Israeli media channels focused on the controversy surrounding the strikes that Iran was subjected to yesterday, Friday, and the possibilities for it to respond to them.

Reserve Colonel Talia Lancry, former Vice President of the Israeli National Security Council, asked about the ambiguous situation that Israel is experiencing, saying to Channel 12, “We do not know where this situation will take us, and we do not know where things will go. Will there be a response from Iran? And where will it come from?” .

Channel 13 military affairs correspondent Or Heller says, "The attack is a message to the Iranians. On Saturday night, when Iran launched its attack, missiles and drones were launched from there, from the same base near Isfahan."

He added that Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant spoke with his American counterpart, expressing his hope "that the Iranians' hints of their desire to end this event are real, and give Israel the opportunity to return to focusing on the main issue, which is the Gaza Strip, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and the kidnapped men and women among us." 

The military affairs correspondent on Channel 13 also pointed out that there is a state of silence in the army and security services in Israel regarding press reports in the United States regarding the attack that occurred yesterday at dawn on Iran.

Channel 14's military affairs correspondent, Hillel Rozin-Biton, believes that the level of tension is decreasing in Iran and in Israel as well, noting that Israel's main mission is in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and the situation with Lebanon must also be addressed, as he said.

Channel 13 referred to what Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir wrote on the X platform, where he wrote the word “ridicule!”, following reports of a limited Israeli strike inside Iran.

Israel had vowed to respond after Iran launched an attack against it last weekend with hundreds of missiles and drones in response to the targeting of its consulate in Damascus on April 1 by Israeli bombing, which led to the killing of senior Iranian officers.


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Israeli media wonders about Iran's response