Sat 20 Apr 2024 9:10 am - Jerusalem Time

Berlin files a complaint after the report of the dispute between Netanyahu and Baerbock was leaked

The German ambassador to Israel complained to the Israeli Prime Minister's Office after Hebrew media published details of a dispute that took place between Netanyahu and German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock during a meeting in Tel Aviv.

Germany is traditionally one of Israel's strongest supporters and strongly supports Tel Aviv's right to defend itself, but the incident threatens to strain those relations.

Bloomberg reported that Baerbock was clearly angry about the leak when asked about it at a press conference on Friday.

During the press conference after talks with her G7 counterparts in Capri, Italy on Friday, Baerbock was asked about the incident, to which she responded: “We do not report on secret talks.”

She added: "The German ambassador was in contact with the Prime Minister's staff and explained our point of view regarding what was leaked... and regret was expressed to us regarding the publication."

According to Channel 13, the quarrel during Wednesday's talks broke out over video footage from Gaza shown to Birbok of crowded markets and beaches where Palestinians were seen swimming and sunbathing.

After Netanyahu confirmed that the footage proves that there is no humanitarian crisis there, Birbock responded by saying that the situation in Gaza is catastrophic, pointing to the threat of famine.

Channel 13 revealed that the conversation between Netanyahu and the German Foreign Minister was sharp and harsh, explaining that “Netanyahu raised his voice against the German Minister when she rejected his words and the pictures he presented regarding the situation in Gaza.”

The channel said, "The German Foreign Minister warned that Israel is causing famine in Gaza and that the situation is catastrophic," noting that she said to Netanyahu, "Do you want to say that our doctors in Gaza are not telling the truth?"

According to Channel 13 and the German newspaper Bild, the Israeli Prime Minister then told Baerbock that his government is not like the Nazis, in a clear reference to attempts to hide the true atrocities of German death camps during World War II.


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Berlin files a complaint after the report of the dispute between Netanyahu and Baerbock was leaked