Sat 20 Apr 2024 9:03 am - Jerusalem Time

An American official criticizing Israel: Washington is upset and Biden is still blindly loyal to Tel Aviv

A senior US official on Friday criticized Israel after the attack attributed to it in Iran, indicating that the US president remains blindly loyal to Israel.

“The United States begged Israel not to do this, and no one in the Pentagon, the CIA, or the intelligence community thought this was a good idea,” Politico quoted him as saying.

He also added: "At this point, it is truly embarrassing how much Israel ignores us, but that does not prevent President Biden from being blindly loyal to Israel."

The official pointed out that "Israel is playing a dangerous game, and Biden appears to be in the crosshairs."

He stated that the doors are still open to unleash the spark that could ignite the region.

Politico reported that attacks on American forces in Iraq and Syria could be resumed or container ships could be seized in the Strait of Hormuz, Hezbollah in Lebanon could fire more missiles at northern Israel, and the Houthis in Yemen could target more ships crossing the sea. the Red.

It also explained that there is an ongoing war in Gaza, where the bombing has subsided, but the humanitarian crisis still exists.

At dawn on Friday, Western media reported that the Israeli army bombed sites in Iran.

The American ABC News network, citing sources, said that an Israeli fighter plane fired three missiles during the attack on Iran.

It added, "The strike targeted an air defense radar site near Isfahan, and according to initial estimates, the radar was destroyed."

On the other hand, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian stated that the drones that sources say Israel launched on the city of Isfahan on Friday did not cause material or human losses.

The Iranian Foreign Minister explained during statements he made to envoys of Islamic countries in New York, saying: “The media supporting the Zionist regime desperately tried to portray the defeat as a victory, while the small planes that were shot down did not cause any damage or injuries.”

Tehran indicated that it “does not intend to carry out a retaliatory response,” and Israel did not issue any public comment on the incident.


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An American official criticizing Israel: Washington is upset and Biden is still blindly loyal to Tel Aviv