Fri 19 Apr 2024 10:43 am - Jerusalem Time

Israeli strikes target a military site in southern Syria

Israeli strikes targeted a Syrian army position in southern Syria, at dawn on Friday, according to what the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

The Syrian regime's news agency (SANA), quoting a military source, reported that "at approximately 2:55 am today, the Israeli enemy launched a missile attack from the direction of northern occupied Palestine, targeting our air defense sites in the southern region."

The same source added, "The aggression has led to material losses."

The Observatory reported that "the strikes occurred in the area between As-Suwayda and Daraa, coinciding with an intense flight of Israeli aircraft without any air defense missiles."

He added, "The area is located between Zar'a and Qarfa, where there is a radar battalion."

On the ninth of this month, the Israeli army announced that it had attacked a Syrian regime army position in the Mahajah area located in Daraa Governorate, and another in southern Syria, claiming to respond to the firing of a missile towards the occupied Golan.

A statement issued by the Israeli army at the time said that its warplanes “raid, during the hours last night, military infrastructure of the Syrian army in the Mahajah area. The forces also bombed with artillery a position of the Syrian army in the south of the country.”

He added, "This came after the evening of the launch of a rocket shell from Syrian territory towards the Yonatan area in the Golan Heights, without causing any casualties," noting that his artillery shelled the sources of the fire.

Last Tuesday, the Israeli army announced the conclusion of a series of exercises simulating a military escalation against Lebanon and Syria, with the participation of the Northern Command and the Computer and Information Technology Division, with the aim of increasing the readiness of the forces to deal with various scenarios. This comes amid a state of anticipation for the Israeli response to the Iranian attack.


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Israeli strikes target a military site in southern Syria