Thu 18 Apr 2024 8:25 pm - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu: Internal division must disappear because we are in “existential danger”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Thursday that internal division must disappear, claiming that Tel Aviv faces an "existential threat."

This came during a speech before a forum of the Israeli intelligence service Mossad in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu added, "The internal division must disappear now, because we are in existential danger."

He continued: "When there is an existential threat, we unite forces and do not divide them."

He pointed to Tel Aviv's commitment to "defeating Hamas in Gaza, freeing the detainees, and repelling the comprehensive threat posed by Iran," considering that "these are very big tasks and require two things: determination and unity."

Tens of thousands of people demonstrate daily across Israel to demand that Netanyahu and his government conclude a prisoner exchange deal with Hamas, leading to the release of detainees in the Gaza Strip, and accuse him of giving priority to his interests.

On Saturday, the Hamas movement announced that it had submitted to the mediators in Egypt and Qatar its response to the proposal for a ceasefire with Israel and the exchange of Israeli prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli war government will meet on Thursday evening to discuss ways to reach an agreement to exchange prisoners and ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to war for more than 6 months, according to Hebrew media.

The opposition and popular protests in Israel are putting pressure on Netanyahu to speed up reaching an agreement with Hamas.

Hamas accuses Netanyahu of "intransigence" and unwillingness to conclude an agreement, and insists on ending the war on Gaza, the withdrawal of the Israeli army, the freedom for the displaced to return to their areas, and the entry of sufficient aid into the Strip.


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Netanyahu: Internal division must disappear because we are in “existential danger”