Thu 18 Apr 2024 2:32 pm - Jerusalem Time

Iran announces the exchange of messages with Washington before and after the attack on Israel

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian announced today (Thursday) that his country sent messages to the United States of America before and after the attack on Israel in which it affirmed that its response was “decided” and that it “does not seek to escalate tension in the region.”

Abdullahian said in statements published by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) upon his arrival in New York to participate in a UN Security Council meeting, "We have informed America since the decision was taken in the Islamic Republic of Iran that the necessary response must be made to the Israeli entity within the framework of international law and legitimate defense."

He added, "We told the Americans frankly and clearly that the decision in the Islamic Republic of Iran (..) to respond to the Israeli entity is a settled matter, and messages were exchanged before the operation."

He continued, "After carrying out the operation (..) we sent another message to the United States through diplomatic channels, as we sought to say frankly and clearly to the United States in these messages that we do not seek to escalate tension in the region," considering that what could further escalate tension is Israel's behavior.

Israel vows to respond to the unprecedented Iranian attack that targeted its territory on Saturday evening with hundreds of marches and missiles in response to the targeting of the Iranian consulate in Damascus at the beginning of this April.

On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country “will do whatever it takes to defend itself” during a meeting with the foreign ministers of Britain and Germany, according to a government statement.

Meanwhile, during a military parade on Wednesday on the occasion of National Army Day, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi warned Israel that “the slightest attack” on his country’s territory would be met “with severity and severity.”

Israel enjoys American support in the tension with Iran.

The Iranian Foreign Minister said that his country informed the American side that it “will not target American bases and interests in the region” unless “it wants to take action in military support” for Israel during the Iranian response.

Abdullahian explained, "Messages are being exchanged through the Swiss channel, as it is the guardian of American interests, and the official diplomatic channels, with the aim of creating a correct understanding of Iranian action and with the aim of preventing the expansion of the scope of tension and crisis in the region."

The Iranian minister is visiting New York to participate in a meeting of the UN Security Council being held today at the level of foreign ministers to discuss developments in the Middle East, according to the agency.


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Iran announces the exchange of messages with Washington before and after the attack on Israel