Tue 16 Apr 2024 4:19 pm - Jerusalem Time

An Israeli military order to seize 64 dunams to establish a settlement in Hebron

The Israeli authorities issued a military decision to seize 64 dunums of citizens’ lands in the Al-Bouira area, north of the city of Hebron, in order to establish a residential and industrial settlement.

This decision targets a vital area of the city, as this step is a prelude to the displacement of residents from the area, who number approximately 8,000 citizens, to seize and control approximately 800 dunams.

This decision comes in conjunction with settlement expansion, the pace of which has increased in light of the war on the Gaza Strip and attention has been drawn to it.

Today, Tuesday, the mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, and members of the municipal council called for an emergency meeting with the people of the region and the owners of the targeted lands, in the presence of a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the trustee of the Tamim Al-Dari Endowment, Ahmed Al-Tamimi, the governorate, the Wall and Settlement Authority, the security services, and the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry. and relevant institutions, to discuss the military occupation’s decision to seize citizens’ lands and establish a settlement on them.

The attendees affirmed their rejection and denunciation of this decision, warning of the continuation and increase of daily violations and settlers’ attacks against citizens, stressing the importance of following up on the file legally through the legal team in charge of this case, calling on the international community and human rights institutions to intervene urgently and quickly to stop this blatant violation, which threatens the explosion of the situation in the region. 


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An Israeli military order to seize 64 dunams to establish a settlement in Hebron