Tue 16 Apr 2024 9:33 am - Jerusalem Time

Israel decides to attack Iran and the Middle East is in a state of boiling

Israel, with its political and military elite, decided to launch a strong and decisive strike against Iran in response to the latter’s attack last Saturday with drones and missiles on camps and air bases in Israel, after the latter bombed the Iranian consulate headquarters in Damascus two weeks ago, which led to the rise of a number of Iranian Revolutionary Guard leaders.

The Israeli decision was taken by the war cabinet after recommendations from army commanders regarding the necessity of a response that would carry a title through which Israel claimed that it was not a country that would return to its normal life program and daily agenda without responding to Iran and sending a strong message to it related to the issue of deterrence, in addition to the statements of the Army Chief of Staff. Herzi Halevy said that Israel must respond to the Iranian missiles, and according to Netanyahu, Israel will respond wisely and will not drag the region into a comprehensive regional war, promising the United States to inform it of the date of the strike so that it can prepare to protect its forces in the Middle East.

Despite numerous international and diplomatic pressures from European countries in addition to the United States, Israel decided to launch a strong strike against Iran, which took this seriously, raised the state of alert, put its military bases and anti-defense weapons on high alert, closed its airspace to civilian aircraft in the western region, and announced that it would respond. Against any strong Israeli aggression.

The tone of the statements during the night hours shifted from the diplomatic track to the threatening track when the Russian Foreign Minister informed the US Department of Defense that any Israeli attack on Iran would push Russia to stand in the Iranian response coalition, in a dangerous message, in addition to the visit of a high-ranking Chinese military commander to Tehran to coordinate positions with the Iranians, which forced the Pentagon to declare late that Israel was the one that decided to respond, and despite this, the United States is obligated to provide protection for it in order to reduce the tension index, which has risen to a very high degree of heat and has reached the boiling point in the Middle East region..

Israel is clearly concerned with a long-term conflict in the Middle East, behind which Netanyahu is eager to compensate for the failures of the aggression on Gaza and remain in power for as long as possible to avoid exclusion and trial by the Israeli street, in addition to Netanyahu’s clear desire to obstruct all diplomatic efforts seeking to stop the war on Gaza and define the features of today. Next, the establishment of a Palestinian state, and all of these approaches are rejected by Netanyahu in the language of war only.

The region has become at the hands of a demon amid Israel's attempts to respond to Iran to prove that it is the strongest and that it is the deterrent force in our region to defy international will and international and diplomatic efforts. Despite the Israeli decision being made, the place and time have not yet been determined, to implement the threats that may not lead to a regional war if they occur. It came fleetingly and quickly, but it may ignite the Middle East with a large-scale war if Israeli planes target the sensitive and strategic Iranian depth. The most important question here is: Will diplomacy prevail over military decisions so that humanity can enjoy a little calm, or will the world be engaged in a new war whose chapters may be prolonged and its course expanded? With an unusual Israeli desire?


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Israel decides to attack Iran and the Middle East is in a state of boiling


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