Sun 14 Apr 2024 8:35 pm - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu postponed a scheduled date for the invasion of Rafah

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority (“Kan 11”) reported this evening, Sunday, that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu postponed a date set for the invasion of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, which has been subjected to a devastating Israeli war since the seventh of last October.

"Kan 11" reported that Netanyahu decided in recent days to "postpone the scheduled date for the (ground military) operation in Rafah," noting that Netanyahu had announced, last week, that a date had been set for the invasion of Rafah, the last refuge for displaced Palestinians in Gaza.

At the time, Netanyahu did not reveal the specific date for the expected invasion, while he stressed that “absolute victory over the Hamas movement,” as he put it, “requires entering Rafah and eliminating the movement’s brigades there.”

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that the date of the operation that Netanyahu spoke about was postponed. The channel explained that its publication in this regard takes into account the restrictions of military surveillance, and reported that the decision to “postpone” was taken by Netanyahu and the political leadership in recent days.”

According to the report, the Israeli army continues its preparations for the ground military operation in Rafah. What is not yet clear is “the scale of the planned Israeli attack in the southern Gaza Strip.”


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Netanyahu postponed a scheduled date for the invasion of Rafah