Sat 13 Apr 2024 11:13 pm - Jerusalem Time

Iran launches dozens of suicide planes towards Israel, amid the latter's alert

Identical sources confirmed that Iran launched dozens of suicide planes towards Israeli targets, amid an unprecedented state of alert by the security system in Tel Aviv.

According to Arab and international media, the launch of these planes, directed towards Israel, was monitored.

The Israeli army, as well as American security officials, confirmed that they had monitored the launch of these aircraft.

The Israeli army spokesman said that his forces are closely monitoring the launch of these planes, and that they have jammed the civil aviation navigation system, and are preparing to confront those planes that may arrive hours later.

He pointed out that there is great cooperation with the United States and other countries to confront these aircraft.

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a recorded speech, in recent years, and even in recent weeks, Israel has been preparing for the possibility of a direct attack from Iran... Our defense systems are deployed, and we are prepared for any scenario, whether in defense or attack... State Israel is strong, the Israeli army is strong, and the public is strong. According to his expression.

Netanyahu expressed his appreciation for the United States' standing with Israel, as well as the support of Great Britain, France, and many other countries.

He said: I have set a clear principle, which is whoever harms us, we will harm him. We will protect ourselves from any threat and we will do so with complete calm and determination.

He called on the Israelis to maintain their nerve and adhere to the instructions of the home front.


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Iran launches dozens of suicide planes towards Israel, amid the latter's alert