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Gaza is destroyed... and Eid is mourning

Eid al-Fitr is celebrated only with its religious rituals, far from any manifestations of joy or happiness in light of the war of genocide that Israel continues to wage against the Gaza Strip, its raids in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and its policies against everything that is Palestinian. Sadness and pain descend, and hearts are squeezed with weeping and wailing over tens of thousands of martyrs, wounded, detainees, displaced persons, and others. They have become homeless, those who have been subjected to systematic starvation campaigns, and those who no longer have beds in hospitals that protect them from the cold and provide them with medicine and treatment.

During the holiday, Gaza gets lost among the harsh memories and the pain of the bitter reality that befell it as it stands on the remains of what remains of it. The records bear witness to a language of absence that no nation has ever been exposed to in history. The sun shines with shame and its rays are not enough to provide the warmth that the people of the Gaza Strip lost and lived through the harsh conditions. In the weather, in tents, under the rain and the sting of the cold, and the buildings and facilities that stand out and bear witness to a history and a civilization that has been ravaged by destruction and devastation, and none of it has remained as it was.

During the full six months of the aggression, Gaza lived through compelling and tragic conditions and conditions, and these conditions will place heavy burdens for years to come on the shoulders of the local population, who are powerless in the face of the sinful and ferocious aggression launched by Israel against all that is Palestinian. It has not shown mercy to women, women, children, the elderly and men. They killed, tortured, arrested, abused and destroyed, to once again impose the atmosphere of the Nakba on Gaza, whose people migrated from the north to the south, which may not be spared either through Israel’s threats to storm Rafah and destroy it.

The manifestations of solidarity and unity among the people of one people were at their peak, and when the situation in Gaza became difficult, the West Bank became sad, and when Jerusalem was invaded, the interior kept its promises and responded to the call of Al-Aqsa, which the occupation deprived our West Bank and Gazans of access to. But unfortunately, with the advent of the holy month, which yesterday bid us farewell to a new year, it began. Unreasonable and unacceptable manifestations and actions are surfacing, as if the war had ended, as if we were living in another world, so a group of our people began to crowd and jostle towards festive displays, banquets and invitations appeared in halls and restaurants, and the markets scattered under the pressure of hikers and wanderers until the late hours of dawn. Which causes sadness and sorrow for what we have reached of customs that are foreign to the traditions of our true religion, our Islamic law, and our Palestinian morals..

The statements and announcements issued by official bodies and authorities, especially religious ones, on the necessity of limiting the celebrations of the Eid this year to religious rituals and prayers, visiting cemeteries to pray for the martyrs, treating the wounded, showing solidarity with prisoners, visiting the relatives of those close to them and the first degree only, and subsequent statements from some family councils, especially in the city of Jerusalem. In some West Bank cities, by avoiding displays of decoration and joy and limiting Eid hospitality to plain coffee and dates only, these are trends that express the truth of solidarity among the people of one people and must be implemented and imposed and called upon through mosques and media platforms to adhere to them and stay away from everything that harms the reputation of our people who are accustomed to wearing Clothes of sadness, grief, strike, and mourning, and it is better for him not to show any appearance of joy at the Eid, because Gaza has more shrouds for a martyr who departs and is followed by a martyr, so leave the Eid as Al-Mutanabbi said: Eid, in any case you are back, O Eid..

Some have failed Gaza with their actions, despite their knowledge that its children are sleeping hungry, and its men and women are searching for shelter. It would have been better for everyone to adhere to a silent Ramadan and a quiet Eid, in which it is useless to say Happy New Year, but rather may God accept prayers and fasting with peace of mind and change the circumstances, with the emphasis that Palestine will not celebrate the holidays and Gaza will be annihilated


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Gaza is destroyed... and Eid is mourning


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