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International newspapers: Israel must be held accountable and restrained, while Washington is completely helpless

International newspapers and websites, in articles and reports, criticized Israeli practices in the Gaza Strip and called for holding Israel accountable and restraining it, especially after the horrific massacre it committed against Palestinians who were waiting to receive aid in northern Gaza.

The British Guardian highlighted the pain experienced by the families of the victims of the recent massacre in the northern Gaza Strip, and spoke to members of the family of Bilal Al-Issa, who was killed in the incident. They revealed that Bilal was fond of football and photography, but his inability to provide food for his family affected him. His pain worsened over the days.

An editorial in the French newspaper Le Monde called for holding Israel accountable and restraining it, and said that its allies in the West can stop the war crimes it is committing, stressing that “the fall of dozens of victims during the distribution of food aid in Gaza cannot be considered an isolated incident, as it is the result of the systematic crushing of the Gaza Strip.” The editorial added, "The Gaza Strip has been turned by a free-handed army into a field of rubble, with heavy human losses."

Politico newspaper focused on the decision of the administration of US President Joe Biden to airdrop humanitarian aid into Gaza, and Alexander Ward said that this decision is “a sign of the Biden administration’s inability to influence Israel.” The writer quoted Dave Harden, a former official at the US administration's International Support Agency, as saying: "Washington is completely helpless, and what it is doing now is only an attempt to save face."

An article in the New York Times saw that the US administration can do more than just drop food aid from the air to the starving residents of Gaza. “Washington can pressure the Israeli government to open more crossings for aid to enter, provide a civilian force to protect relief convoys, and allow the United Nations Relief and Works for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) distributed it.”

On the other hand, the French website "MedPapart" focused in an investigation on Israel's campaign to destroy UNRWA, noting that one of Israel's weapons is to accuse the agency of working with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). The investigation reveals many details that refute the allegations of the Israeli accusations.

In Foreign Affairs magazine, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak wrote an article in which he strongly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Barak asserts, "The American President proposed to Netanyahu an implementable plan that is beneficial to Israel in the long term, but Netanyahu is unable to act and make the appropriate decision." He added that approving Biden's plan would be costly for Netanyahu internally, and "rejecting it means dragging Israel deeper into the mud of Gaza, and risking another intifada in the West Bank. He concluded by explaining, "Time is running out for Netanyahu and Biden together."

Source: Al Jazeera


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International newspapers: Israel must be held accountable and restrained, while Washington is completely helpless