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Liberated female prisoners from Gaza: They forced us to take off our clothes constantly

Freed prisoner Hanan Faisal Musa, who was recently released by the Israeli authorities after 51 days of detention, said that she was subjected to physical and verbal harassment during her detention in the Israeli prisons, explaining that the most prominent of these violations were the continuous naked searches of female prisoners throughout the day and forcing the female prisoners to remove their clothes in a humiliated manner during inspection.

She added in an interview with Al Jazeera Mubasher that she and the rest of the female prisoners were subjected to continuous interrogation that sometimes reached 12 hours a day, and that the interrogation was conducted with them while they were blindfolded and handcuffed.

She confirmed that she was subjected to a torrent of insults and insults in the ugliest terms by the occupation soldiers, to the point that made her ashamed of herself because of this constant amount of insults, in addition to being forced to take off her clothes and strip naked continuously every time she was searched.

Prisoner Nabila Miqdad agreed with her colleague Hanan Faisal, as she confirmed that the first eight days of detention were very difficult due to the constant shackle of their hands and feet, and leaving them in the cold with no adequate cover.

When asked about the harshest periods of detention, she replied that the most difficult were the times of strip searches, where they were forced to completely remove their clothes, in addition to insults and obscene words, especially when they were performing prayer, which caused her shortness of breath many times in prison, in addition to the bad psychological state. Which forced her to take tranquilizer pills inside prison until now.

As for the prisoner Nadia Al-Helou, who spent 43 days in the Israeli prisons, she stated that the Israeli forces arrested her from the Bureij camp during her displacement, where they told her that they would transfer her to the south, only to discover several hours later that she was detained inside Israel.

Regarding the violations she was subjected to in prison, she says that she suffered constant insults, insults, and beatings, especially when she answered during the investigation in a way that the investigator did not like.

Another prisoner spoke to Al Jazeera Mubasher, but she refused to mention her name, as she said that she was detained for 47 days, and was arrested from a school for displaced people from the Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in front of all her family members in a scene she described as “terrible.”

As for the violations that she was subjected to, they did not differ from those of her colleagues. She confirmed that she suffered beatings, insults, and curses, in addition to the prison guards’ practice of psychological warfare against her, as they told her that she would never see her family again, and would never return to Gaza.

The United Nations Population Fund expressed its horror at reports of Israeli officers stripping Palestinian women and girls in Gaza of their clothes and subjecting them to rape or execution.

He added, "Reports indicate that Palestinian women and girls in Gaza have been beaten, arrested, humiliated, raped, or executed at the hands of Israeli officers."


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Liberated female prisoners from Gaza: They forced us to take off our clothes constantly