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Israel Radio: Arab countries proposed an initiative to integrate Hamas into the PLO

The Israeli Radio Corporation quoted sources as saying that the US administration informed Israel that Arab countries are preparing an initiative regarding the so-called “day after the war in Gaza,” noting that this Arab plan includes a clause stipulating the integration of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) into the Palestine Liberation Organization.

This Israeli body stated that Brett McGurk, the US President's envoy, pressured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to hold a discussion in the government regarding "the day after the Gaza war."

It said that - in conjunction with the Paris negotiations that seek to reach an agreement to release prisoners - the United States is holding talks with Arab countries (which it did not name) regarding the day after the war.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation added that the US President's administration is pressuring Netanyahu to hold a ministerial discussion on this issue.

There was no immediate comment from Washington or the Arab League regarding this news.

The day after the war

During his visit to Israel, the US President's special envoy - Netanyahu - urged a ministerial discussion on the issue of "the day after the war."

McGurk warned that if Israel did not make decisions, the Arab countries and the United States would move forward with the issue without it, according to the Israel Broadcasting Corporation.

Yesterday, Friday, talks began in Paris to discuss reaching an exchange and calm deal in the Gaza Strip with the participation of Egypt, Qatar, the United States, and an Israeli delegation headed by Mossad chief David Barnea, while a Hamas official said that the movement is waiting for what the mediators will return.

Also yesterday, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported that the Prime Minister presented to the security cabinet a document of principles related to the policy of “the day after the Gaza war.”

The broadcasting corporation said that the "Netanyahu document" includes Israel retaining its freedom to operate in the entire Gaza Strip without a time limit, and also includes establishing a security zone in the Strip adjacent to Israeli towns.

Source: Al Jazeera + Anatolia


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Israel Radio: Arab countries proposed an initiative to integrate Hamas into the PLO