Thu 22 Feb 2024 5:01 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israel is waging a war of starvation in prisons

Today, Thursday, the Commission for Ex-Prisoners’ Affairs warned of the starvation policy pursued by Israel through its prison administration against male and female prisoners inside prisons and detention centers, which has led to them losing tens of kilograms of their weight.

According to its lawyers, who visited a number of prisoners in the Israeli prisons over the past few days, the average loss of each prisoner ranged between 15-20 kilograms, and this indicates the seriousness of the policy used against the prisoners, and its negative effects on their reality and future.

The authority explained that the quantities of food provided to the prisoners are much less than the minimum required, in addition to its poor quality and intentional contamination, which exposes them to various diseases, as this actually appeared on some of them.

It added that the number of sick prisoners has doubled significantly, with them being deprived of medicines and treatment, especially with the onset of the harsh winter this year, which has exacerbated their suffering.

The Commission stated that the Israeli authorities had deliberately used starvation as a daily punishment since October 7th.

The Commission’s legal staff explained the immoral and inhumane policy in the prison administration’s dealings with male and female prisoners, including forcing prisoners to kneel and lower their heads toward the ground, in addition to cursing, provoking, and beating them, with a focus on verbal and psychological insults, and insulting mothers, sisters, and God.

The Commission demanded an end to this crime, and this exclusivity of male and female prisoners, and called on everyone to intervene to force the occupation authorities to deal with them as prisoners of liberation movements, to whom international agreements and covenants apply.

This campaign against prisoners comes as an extension of the starvation war carried out by the occupation authorities against our people stationed in the Gaza Strip, where Israel deprives them of the most basic necessities of life, such as water, food and medicine, in addition to their exposure to daily bombing and genocide.


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Israel is waging a war of starvation in prisons