Tue 20 Feb 2024 6:38 pm - Jerusalem Time

Hebrew Newspaper: Israeli concerned about a proposed American resolution regarding a temporary ceasefire and opposes an operation in Rafah

Reuters reported, in a report yesterday, that the United States submitted to the United Nations Security Council a resolution proposal calling for a temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible. The draft proposal also included United States opposition to a large-scale military operation in Rafah, south of Gaza. sector. The proposal stated: “In the current circumstances, a large ground military operation in Rafah will end with the injury of more civilians, and will lead to new displacement to neighboring countries. This matter will have severe repercussions on peace and security in the region, and must not be undertaken at this time.”

The American proposal also rejected the idea of establishing buffer zones, and any attempt to reduce the territory of the Gaza Strip, temporarily or permanently. The United States submitted the resolution proposal to the Security Council, in response to the proposal submitted by Algeria, which calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire, against which the United States is expected to use its veto.

When Israeli political sources spoke to the American proposal, they said that what was meant was a draft, and it was not clear what the final version would be. Analyst Shimon Schaefer said that the United States prevents the issuance of resolutions against Israel in the Security Council automatically, and if the American resolution is presented to the Council, this expresses the American administration’s despair of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The decision also constitutes an American warning to the Israelis: If they do not behave as the Americans expect of them, they will join the rest of the countries of the world.

Meanwhile, the European Union warned Israel yesterday against carrying out a military operation in Rafah, and the EU’s foreign ministers said that such an operation would constitute a disaster for about 1.5 million displaced people residing in the city in the south of the Gaza Strip. Union Foreign Minister Joseph Borrell stated that 26 out of 27 countries agreed to issue a warning about the operation in Rafah, and called for an “immediate humanitarian truce” leading to a ceasefire and the liberation of the kidnapped persons.

Borrell did not mention the name of the 27th country, but a few days ago, Hungary used its veto when voting on a joint resolution of this type.

Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbuck called on Israel to respect the laws of war, but at the same time, she pointed to Israel's right to defend itself, especially in light of the presence of "Hamas saboteurs" in Rafah. She added: “The most important thing is for Hamas to lay down its weapons,” and demanded a “humanitarian ceasefire” that would allow the displaced to return to their homes.


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Hebrew Newspaper: Israeli concerned about a proposed American resolution regarding a temporary ceasefire and opposes an operation in Rafah