Tue 20 Feb 2024 6:10 pm - Jerusalem Time

An American “veto” thwarts a draft resolution calling for stopping the war on Gaza

Today, Tuesday, the Security Council failed to adopt the Algerian draft resolution calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, after Washington used its veto.

The UN Security Council decided on a text prepared by Algeria weeks ago calling for an “immediate” ceasefire in Gaza, but the draft resolution failed due to a new veto from the United States, its third since the beginning of the war.

The draft resolution, which calls for “an immediate humanitarian ceasefire that should be respected by all parties,” received the support of 13 members of the Security Council, against the objection of one member, and the abstention of another member, the British representative, from voting.

The draft resolution called for "an immediate humanitarian ceasefire that all parties must respect."

The text rejected the "forced displacement of Palestinian civilians," while Israel spoke of a plan to evacuate civilians before a possible ground attack in Rafah, where 1.4 million people are concentrated in the southern Gaza Strip, and called for the release of all hostages.

Like previous draft resolutions criticized by Israel and the United States, this text does not condemn the attack launched by Hamas on October 7.

The United States warned that the Algerian text was unacceptable. The US Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Robert Wood, confirmed yesterday, Monday, that his country does not consider that this text “will improve the situation on the ground, and therefore if this draft resolution is put to a vote, it will not pass.”

The Americans considered that this text would jeopardize the delicate diplomatic negotiations to reach a truce, including the release of more hostages.

In this context, they distributed an alternative draft resolution yesterday, which talks about a “temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible” based on a “formula” that includes the release of all hostages.

The American project also expresses concern about Rafah, and warns that “a large-scale ground attack should not be launched under the current circumstances.”

A senior American official said yesterday: “We are not in a rush to vote on our project,” indicating that there is no “deadline” for that.

For years, the Security Council has been witnessing a major division over the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and since October 7, it has been able to adopt only two resolutions on this issue, both of which are essentially humanitarian in nature.

The Arab group at the United Nations supported the project presented by Algeria. She said in a statement, “No excuse can justify the Security Council’s inaction, and all efforts must intersect to stop the massacre in Gaza,” stressing that “the time has come” for the Security Council to act “before it is too late.”


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An American “veto” thwarts a draft resolution calling for stopping the war on Gaza