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War on Gaza: Israel uses drones to execute Palestinians from a distance

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory said that it documented the Israeli army's use of small drones (quadcopters) to directly fire at Palestinians, killing them and injuring their ranks, as part of the crime of genocide that has been ongoing since the 7th of last October.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory confirmed in a statement today, Sunday, that the Israeli army has intensified the use of quadcopters, which are operated remotely electronically, as a tool for killing and causing harm among Palestinians, after their mission was limited to intelligence work.

Euro-Med said that the Israeli army is escalating the implementation of premeditated killings and unlawful executions against Palestinian civilians through sniping and shooting from drones in various areas of the Gaza Strip, in addition to continuing to kill Palestinians on a large scale through aerial and artillery bombardment of residential areas.

It highlighted that the killings, executions, and sniping operations carried out by the Israeli army in shelter centers, hospitals, streets, and populated residential areas mainly targeted unarmed civilians, without them posing a source of any threat or danger, or participating in hostilities in any way.

According to investigations conducted by the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory, the Israeli army is suspected of using small killer drones equipped with machine guns and missiles of the Matrice 600 and LANIUS categories, which are versatile and highly mobile drones, designed for short-term operation, and whose system can automatically explore buildings and draw maps to detect potential targets, it can carry lethal or non-lethal payloads, and is capable of performing a wide range of missions for special forces and military forces.

Euro-Med documented the killing of dozens of citizens as a result of shooting from these types of marches, either through direct shooting towards individuals, or through indiscriminate shooting towards gatherings, where a machine gun is installed under the plane and controlled automatically.

On February 12, Euro-Med documented the killing of two brothers, “Muhib Osama Ezz El-Din Abu Jama” (19), and “Elyas Osama Ezz El-Din Abu Jama” (17), who had physical and mental disabilities, in Al-Shaboura camp in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip. Gaza.

In a statement to the Euro-Mediterranean Monitor team, the father of the two brothers, “Osama,” said: “At night, around 1:45, we heard the sound of gunfire around us. We were in the tents and we did not know what was happening. I went out to see what was happening, and I found everyone running and running away. It was my sons.” They woke up to the sound of gunfire and asked what was happening. I entered less than a minute later, and shooting began above us from a quadcopter, directly at our tent. I was wounded and two of my sons were killed, one of whom was physically and mentally disabled. Then we left the tent and ran so that I could preserve what was left of my children alive.

On the same day, Euro-Med documented the killing of the child, “Mahmoud Alaa Awad Al-Assar” (16 years old), and his sister, “Asmaa Alaa Awad Al-Assar” (21 years old), as a result of shooting towards them from an Israeli quadcopter north of Badr Camp, northwest of the city of Rafah.

On February 8, Euro-Med documented the killing of two Palestinians and the serious wounding of a third as a result of shooting from a quadcopter at a school housing displaced people in the vicinity of the “Al Awda” schools, east of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

It pointed out that a Palestinian civilian was killed on the same day while he was on the roof of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, as a result of gunfire from Israeli quadcopters while he was trying to pick up the Internet signal in conjunction with the Israeli army’s siege of the hospital.

It also documented the killing of Muhammad Diab Abdel Qader Barhoum shortly before noon on Tuesday, February 4, as a result of gunfire from a quadcopter while he was on his way to feed his sheep in the town of Al-Nasr, north of the city of Rafah.

In addition to eyewitness testimonies, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, health sector workers observed that most of the unlawful executions and killings were carried out by strange gunshots, as their specifications differ from usual gunshots, and they leave a different shape on the victim’s body when they penetrate it, and it is believed that the killings were carried out by quadcopter drones.

Euro-Med pointed out that this type of aircraft is also being used to intimidate Palestinians, spread terror among them, and negatively affect their psychological health, due to their constant presence in the airspace.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory stressed that the extrajudicial and judicial executions, whether by direct liquidation or sniping and shooting carried out by the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians, violate their right to life and prohibit depriving them of this right arbitrarily, in accordance with international human rights law, and are also considered grave violations. According to the Geneva Conventions, war crimes and crimes against humanity according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, as crimes in their own right, constitute one of the pillars of the crime of genocide carried out by Israel against the residents of the Gaza Strip since the seventh of last October.


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War on Gaza: Israel uses drones to execute Palestinians from a distance