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Euro-Med: A “horrific” scene of execution of a Palestinian by an Israeli sniper in Gaza

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that its team documented a “horrific scene” of the execution of a Palestinian civilian who was searching for food near the Palestine Stadium in Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip.

The Observatory indicated that the target was shot directly in the back by an Israeli sniper, pointing to the documentation of cases of field executions carried out by Israeli snipers stationed on rooftops in various areas in Gaza.

The Observatory published a video clip showing a Palestinian lying on the ground as he appeared to be riding a bicycle, with bullet marks appearing on his back while two cats were standing on his body.

Observatory director Rami Abdo said on X: “(The clip) depicts the execution of a civilian who was searching for food near the Palestine Stadium. Every day, Israeli snipers stationed on rooftops kill dozens of civilians and restrict the movement of ambulances.”

The Observatory previously indicated that the Israeli army executed many residents of the Gaza Strip on the ground during its storming of residential homes as part of its ground invasion, while the victims’ children witnessed the execution scenes.

One of the testimonies documented by the Observatory was from a 16-year-old girl about a documented crime of genocide, in which she said: “My family and I were sitting in the house when the Israeli army stormed it. My grandfather came out raising a white flag. They shot him and killed him immediately. My brother came out.” "The 12-year-old was helping him, so they threw a bomb at him. I saw his insides coming out of his body, amidst the screams."

Last January, human rights organizations in the Gaza Strip monitored many field execution crimes, which caused civilian casualties and injuries even though they were carrying a white flag, including the execution of the two brothers Nahed (14 years old) and Ramez Barbakh (20 years old) in The city of Khan Yunis, on the morning of Wednesday, January 25, during their attempt to flee the neighborhood in which they lived.

A picture of the two killed brothers, with the white flag they were raising near them, was spread, and human rights organizations considered targeting them to be a premeditated murder carried out by sniper units in the occupation army.

After the Israeli army withdrew in recent days from the city of Beit Lahia in the far north of the Gaza Strip, an area that witnessed a ground incursion at the height of the brutal war, rescue crews and citizens found the bodies of 30 Palestinians placed in black bags and buried under rubble, while they were blindfolded and handcuffed. A field execution was carried out against these people after their arrest.

The Israeli army arrested thousands of Gazans during its ground incursion into the cities of the Gaza Strip, and practiced the most horrific methods of insult and abuse against them after stripping them of their clothes, claiming that they were members of the resistance, while one of the photos showed a long line of detainees stripped of their clothes, including Al-Araby Al-Jadeed correspondent Diaa Al-Kahlot, who He was later released.


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Euro-Med: A “horrific” scene of execution of a Palestinian by an Israeli sniper in Gaza