Thu 16 Nov 2023 8:46 pm - Jerusalem Time

Palestine Ministry of Higher Education: Israel continues to violate the sanctity of Palestinian universities

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research condemned the Israeli occupation's continued violation of the sanctity of Palestinian higher education institutions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Ministry pointed out, in a statement, that the occupation forces stormed, today, Thursday, the campus of Palestine Technical University “Kadoorie” in Tulkarm, raided automobile engineering laboratories and workshops (formerly the energy building), and wreaked havoc on its property.

As was the occupation, and within the genocidal war being practiced against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip; The branch of Al-Quds Open University in Gaza was stormed and parts of its buildings were demolished, in addition to the bombing of Al-Azhar and Islamic Universities earlier, and the complete and partial destruction of several buildings in them, as well as the continuation of arrest campaigns against students and professors of Palestinian educational institutions.

The Ministry of Higher Education confirmed that the occupation continues to violate and ignore all international conventions, laws and norms that criminalize violating and attacking educational institutions.

The Ministry renewed its demands to all international human rights, humanitarian and media institutions, the Union of Arab Universities, and all free people in the world; To assume their responsibilities and exercise their role vigorously, ensuring that the occupation’s aggressive and criminal practices against all components, segments and institutions of Palestinian society are curbed, and the necessity of providing protection for educational institutions.

It stressed that the barbaric aggression of the occupation will not break the will of the Palestinian people, and that higher education institutions will continue to fulfill their lofty mission and mission. Representing the building of educated, cultured, and aware generations who belong to Palestine and its just cause, despite all the challenges, obstacles that the occupation is trying to impose.


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Palestine Ministry of Higher Education: Israel continues to violate the sanctity of Palestinian universities