Tue 25 Jun 2024 8:53 am - Jerusalem Time

The Commissioner General of the Gaza Tribes reveals to Al-Quds Israeli revenge on the tribes and their families

Akef Al-Masry, Commissioner General of the Supreme Authority for Palestinian Tribes in the Gaza Strip, revealed that the occupation took revenge on tribal sheikhs, tribal notables, and family chiefs in the Gaza Strip, by assassinating some of them, killing their children and families, and destroying their homes and companies, after failing to recruit them to cooperate with it in running the Gaza Strip. .

Al-Masry said in an exclusive statement to, “After the failure of the occupation army to implement its plan in the Gaza Strip by recruiting tribal leaders, we assure Netanyahu and his government of extremist extremists and war criminals that they have not and will not be able to break the will of our people and prevent them from achieving their right to freedom and salvation.” From the brutal occupation and the establishment of the Palestinian state and the right of return.”

Al-Masry stressed that the Palestinian tribes will also thwart what Netanyahu is planning during the coming period, just as they thwarted the occupation’s plans during the past nine months of aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Al-Masry added: The Palestinian tribes refused to be an alternative to any Palestinian political party ruling the Gaza Strip, because the tribes are a struggle support for the Palestinian factions with their various political and intellectual orientations, and not an alternative to them.

Al-Masry explained that the Palestinian people have the sole mandate to determine their fate and choose their representatives and who will govern the Gaza Strip through national consensus and even access to the election fund and choose their representatives democratically and freely.

Al-Masry considered that Netanyahu's days were numbered, that the International Criminal Court was waiting for him as a war criminal, and that Gaza would bury Netanyahu's illusions and dreams, just as it buried the illusions of Israel's political and military leaders who preceded him.

Al-Masry saluted all the components of the clans and families in the Gaza Strip, who worked to overthrow one man in order to thwart the occupation’s plans, in addition to their continuous work in maintaining civil peace and the social fabric.


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The Commissioner General of the Gaza Tribes reveals to Al-Quds Israeli revenge on the tribes and their families