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What would a war between Lebanon and Israel look like if it broke out, and what are American concerns?

With the increase in the frequency of border confrontations between Lebanon and Israel, and observers warning of the seriousness of the stage and its proximity to turning into a comprehensive war, speculation prevails regarding the nature of that war if it occurs, and the ability of both parties (Israel and Hezbollah) to bear its consequences, whether military, administrative, economic, or political.

Regarding the possibilities of its outbreak, the American CNN channel reported, citing official sources, the White House’s serious fears about the outbreak of this war, as the Israeli army would likely be subjected to major strikes as a result.

The channel added that officials considered that "the repercussions of a large-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah would be devastating," noting that the possibility of this scenario being materialized is increasing in light of the fading chances of reaching an agreement between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

According to the channel's sources, Israel informed the United States that Iron Dome, the main air defense system of the Israeli army, may be vulnerable to massive attacks by Hezbollah with missiles and drones, as Israeli officials believe that Hezbollah will carry out a large-scale attack using precision-guided weapons that constitute A challenge to the Iron Dome regime.

CNN quoted another American official as saying that in the event of an all-out war, “the support that Israel will most need are additional air defense systems and Iron Dome renovations, which the United States will provide.”

Washington had announced that it had received assurances from Israeli officials that they were planning to transfer resources from southern Gaza to northern Israel in preparation for a possible attack against Hezbollah.

Hezbollah's precision missiles and the American threat

It is noteworthy that earlier this month, Hezbollah published a video clip of a drone attacking an Iron Dome battery in a location in northern Israel and causing damage to it. This is the first time this system has been hacked in this way. Hezbollah, according to American and Israeli intelligence reports, has also been storing ammunition and guided missiles for years, a type of ammunition that may pose a serious challenge to Iron Dome, according to Israeli statements.

This comes after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah threatened last Wednesday that if war broke out, the entire area of Israel “will not be safe from our missiles.” He said, “The enemy knows very well that we have prepared ourselves for the worst days,” adding, “He must wait for us on land and in the air.” And by sea.”

In this context, the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation "Kan" published a report a few days ago covering the visit of the American envoy to Lebanon, Amos Hochstein, in which it said that the envoy warned Lebanese officials that the United States would support any Israeli attack if Hezbollah did not stop its attacks on northern Israel.

Kan quoted the American envoy as telling Lebanese officials, “If Hezbollah does not stop its daily attacks on northern Israel, it may find itself the target of a limited Israeli operation,” explaining, “There is a need for a diplomatic solution to force Hezbollah to retreat from the Israeli-Lebanese border.” Otherwise, Israel could launch a limited attack with US support.”


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What would a war between Lebanon and Israel look like if it broke out, and what are American concerns?