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Israeli writer: These are the three questions that Netanyahu fears

Israeli writer Amir Tibon criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's first interview with an Israeli media outlet, and said that Channel 14 did not dare to ask the real questions that an official is supposed to hear from a professional journalist.

Amir described Channel 14 as the Israeli version of Fox News, which is loyal to Netanyahu’s line and hostile to all his opponents and those who criticize his policies. Therefore, it was not expected that it would surprise him with questions that would embarrass him, which is what Netanyahu is keen on doing, as he always refuses to dialogue with Israeli media that might ask him questions that he would not like. He desires it.

He continued that since the largest security failure in the history of Israel (the Al-Aqsa Flood), the Prime Minister has done everything in his power to avoid Israeli journalists, and chose to speak only with American reporters, who usually ask him softer and easier questions than the questions of their Israeli counterparts.


The writer stated that the first question Netanyahu was supposed to hear related to the ability of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to attack “Israeli territory” upon Netanyahu’s return to power in 2009.

He said that the answer is clear, and it is a complete denial. He continued that Hamas had been weakened in the 2008 war during the rule of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, as it lost - in his words - hundreds of its fighters, while Israel lost only 10 soldiers. Amir claimed that Hamas had greatly strengthened during Netanyahu's 15 years of rule thanks to his wrong policies.


He continued that the second question that should have been asked to Netanyahu related to the strength of the Lebanese Hezbollah and its ability to cause great harm to Israeli cities and towns, and the answer - according to the writer - is also a complete denial, because the party was weakened at several points after the 2006 war.

But the situation has changed now, as after 15 years of Netanyahu’s rule, Hezbollah has firepower capable of destroying all border areas and others.


Amir stated that the third question is related to Iran's growing danger and its proximity to achieving a "nuclear breakthrough" since Netanyahu's return to power in 2009.

The writer explained that Netanyahu has always stressed that the Iranian issue is his primary mission, but reality has proven that Tehran is now closer to possessing a nuclear bomb, and has taken advantage of several mistakes committed by Netanyahu to accelerate the course of its nuclear program.

Source: Haaretz


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Israeli writer: These are the three questions that Netanyahu fears