Wed 19 Jun 2024 3:12 pm - Jerusalem Time

Mayor of Rafah: The occupation destroyed 70% of the city’s facilities

The mayor of Rafah, Ahmed Al-Sufi, said that the occupation army destroyed more than 70% of the city’s facilities and infrastructure in its ongoing crimes.

Al-Sufi confirmed in press statements on Wednesday that the occupation army’s destruction of the Rafah crossing aims to make the Gaza Strip uninhabitable.

He continued that the southern Gaza Strip is on its way to famine. Due to the lack of aid arriving.

Al-Sufi pointed out that the occupation is systematically destroying the city of Rafah and its camps, the latest of which is the Saudi neighborhood, where it destroyed entire residential squares.

In this context, the mayor explained that residents of the Gaza Strip are dying due to the lack of medicines and the collapse of the health system.

He added that 1,600 kidney failure patients are at risk of death. Due to the destruction of dialysis centers.

Al-Sufi pointed out that more than 90% of Gaza’s population drinks water that is not suitable for drinking.

The occupation has closed the Gaza crossings, specifically “Kerm Abu Salem” and “Rafah”, since it invaded the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, and took control of the Rafah land and Kerem Abu Salem crossings, on May 6.

Many local and international humanitarian and relief organizations have warned against closing the Gaza crossings, and demanded their reopening to avoid famine due to the interruption of aid, and to save the lives of thousands of sick and wounded people.


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Mayor of Rafah: The occupation destroyed 70% of the city’s facilities