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Disgust after Nikki Haley writes 'finish them' message on Israeli shell

Failed Republican presidential nominee pictured writing message after US-supplied munitions used in Rafah massacre


Former Republican presidential nominee Nikki Haley has been criticised after she was pictured writing "finish them" on a bombshell while on a visit to northern Israel.

The picture, posted on social media by Israeli politician Danny Danon, showed Haley also writing "America loves Israel always" on the munition.

The images followed an Israeli strike on a displacement camp in southern Gaza's Rafah, which killed at least 45 Palestinians and wounded 200 more, and drew condemnation from various European and Arab capitals.

A CNN analysis found the munitions used in the strike were US-supplied.

Speaking to reporters during the trip, Haley criticised US President Joe Biden, accusing him of being insufficiently supportive of Israel in its war on Gaza, which has so far left more than 36,000 people dead.

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“The sure way to not help Israel is to withhold weapons. The sure way to not help Israel is to praise the ICC, the ICJ or any of those that are condemning Israel instead of condemning what happens," she said, referring to ongoing cases at international courts over Israel's actions.

“America needs to do whatever Israel needs and stop telling them how to fight this war. You are either a friend or not a friend.”

Although Biden has faced repeated accusations from many quarters, including his own base, that he has been too complicit in Israel's Gaza assault, a number of Republicans have criticised his stated attempts to restrain the Israeli government.

Even by Republican standards, Haley has been a fervent supporter of Israel.

During her unsuccessful attempt to secure the nomination for Republican presidential candidate, Haley repeatedly stressed the importance of unwavering US support for Israel.

"It has never [been] that Israel needs America. It has always been that America needs Israel," she tweeted.

Her signing of the Israeli shell was heavily criticised on social media.

Actor John Cusack described her actions as "criminally insane", while Democrat activist Nina Turner said they were "depraved" and "not normal".

The US has so far imposed a single pause on a shipment of 1,800 2,000-pound bombs and 1,700 500-pound bombs to Israel.

However, the Biden administration has said that Israel is yet to cross its previously stated "red lines" over an attack on the city of Rafah, despite repeated air strikes and tanks entering the centre of the city on Tuesday.

“This so far is a different type of military operation,” State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said, distinguishing between Israel’s offensive on Rafah and earlier assaults on major cities like Khan Younis and Gaza City.


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Disgust after Nikki Haley writes 'finish them' message on Israeli shell