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The Guardian: By attacking the ICC, Israel has once again proven that it is a rogue state

Simon Tisdale, a columnist for the British newspaper The Guardian, says that Israel's international isolation - sparked by disgust at the unlawful and excessive killing of Palestinian civilians in Gaza - will deepen after new, detailed and credible accusations that senior politicians and intelligence agencies conspired - with the help of the administration of former US President Donald Trump - to spy on... The work and officials of the International Criminal Court, undermining, “inappropriately” influencing and threatening them.

Among those targeted are former ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda and current Karim Khan, who may still be the subject of covert operations.

If this is the case - as Tisdale says - then it must stop immediately, and once again the world faces frightening evidence that Israel, under the destructive leadership of its right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has become a rogue state.

Once again, Netanyahu has crossed the line, and once again his contempt for global public opinion, for the values of the Western democracies that shamelessly support and arm his country, and for the basic principles of international law is exposed.

For those who have previously supported Israel - especially after the Hamas attacks on October 7 - this is once again a profound disappointment.

Joint investigation

The writer pointed out that the accusations against Netanyahu are the result of a joint investigation published this week by The Guardian newspaper, the Israeli-Palestinian magazine “+972,” and the Hebrew-language Local Call magazine.

He pointed to increasing pressure from the International Criminal Court, which ordered Israel to stop its attacks on Rafah, allow unrestricted aid supplies, and open Gaza to UN-led investigations.

Tisdale believes that by attacking the ICC, the Israeli Prime Minister has once again mixed his personal interests with Israel's interests by claiming that the court poses a danger to the entire country.

He concluded that the responsibility now falls on Netanyahu and his colleagues to show some respect for international public opinion and public decency through a detailed response to these well-founded accusations regarding Israel's nearly decade-long vendetta against the International Criminal Court. If they fail, it may be because they are in The truth is they can't.

In a related context, in the same newspaper, legal experts said that the efforts made by Israeli intelligence agencies to undermine and influence the International Criminal Court may amount to “crimes against the administration of justice,” and must be investigated by the court’s prosecutor.

Source: Guardian+ Aljazeera


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The Guardian: By attacking the ICC, Israel has once again proven that it is a rogue state