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Gideon Levy: There are two urgent measures that Israel must take

Israeli writer Gideon Levy said that Tel Aviv has one way out - and it will not choose it - even though it is the only way to avoid falling into the abyss on which it stands now, which is to say yes to the ruling issued by the International Court of Justice last Friday.

This is how a state governed by laws should behave - as the writer sees it - and this is how a state that aspires to become a legitimate member of the United Nations family should behave, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had to promise this, so that the gates of hell that are about to open remain In Israel, it is closed, albeit briefly.

Saying yes to the court, according to Levy in his comment in Haaretz newspaper, will not only save Israel from further bloodshed in vain, but will also stop the international snowball that is rolling towards it, and ending the fighting in Rafah and the entire war will be Israel’s last chance to regain its international standing. prewar.

If Israel decides to ignore the matter - which is almost certain, according to the author - it will thereby declare itself a pariah state. However, it will look for ways to ignore the matter and enlist Washington to undermine international law.

But now that we are one step away from the abyss - as Gideon Levy sees it - there are two urgent measures that Israel must take: ending the war and changing its government, and this is exactly what the two largest courts in the world ordered, when the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court requested the issuance of international arrest warrants against Netanyahu. His Defense Minister Yoav Galant, and the International Court of Justice ordered a halt to the fighting in Rafah.

However, since the “hasty” withdrawal from Sinai in 1956, Israel has never submitted to the will of the international community, as if the world and its decisions have nothing to do with it. Because it is invulnerable and protected by America, the Bible, and a nuclear research center in Dimona, Tel Aviv always acts as if it has A license to mock the whole world, but that ended the day Gaza was invaded in this brutal and unchecked manner, as the writer sees it.

To confirm this - Levy says - the President of the International Court of Justice, Judge Nawaf Salam, had barely finished reading the ruling when Israel intensified its attacks on Rafah, from which nearly a million people fled to the beaches, and in which only one hospital with 8 beds remained.

Source: Haaretz+Aljazeera


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Gideon Levy: There are two urgent measures that Israel must take