Sun 26 May 2024 11:56 am - Jerusalem Time

The New York Times: This is Biden’s opportunity to make the right decision regarding Gaza

An opinion article in the American newspaper The New York Times stated that the International Court of Justice’s vote by 13 votes to two, and its call on Israel to immediately stop its military attack in Rafah and open the border crossings to provide humanitarian aid without obstacles, constituted an important step to change the US administration’s policy in the Middle East.

Nicholas Kristof, author of the article published on Saturday, added that the International Court's lack of an implementation mechanism opens the door wide for US President Joe Biden to take the initiative and save his failed policy in Gaza.

He continued, "President Biden has clear and significant influence. He can suspend the supply of all offensive weapons to Israel as long as it defies international law, based on his earlier stopping of the transfer of large bombs, in exchange for his allowing the transfer of defensive weapons so that Israel is not exposed to a great danger from missiles or threats." “The other.”

“Although Biden has deep knowledge of international relations and has generally overseen a smart foreign policy, especially in Asia, he has erred in dealing with the Middle East and damaged America’s moral authority,” Kristof said.

He added, “When President Biden defends the rules-based international order in Ukraine against an enemy that violates international law, and provides weapons and diplomatic protection for Netanyahu’s war in Gaza, it means that the world sees nothing but hypocrisy.”

Kristof explained, “Biden’s policy in Gaza was a failure morally, practically, and politically, and made the United States complicit in the killing of civilians, including starving children.”

He added, "Despite all these political missteps of the Biden administration, it did not help Israel eliminate Hamas, recover hostages, or improve security in the long term, and this may harm Biden's chances of winning a second presidential term."

The author of the article concluded that, with the absence of a clear plan for Gaza for the post-war period or for the West Bank, Biden’s policy in the Middle East has become in a deplorable state.

He stressed, “It is time for Biden to act decisively and withhold all offensive weapons as a first step toward alleviating the humanitarian catastrophe in the Gaza Strip, ending the war and preserving the rules-based order he says he believes in.”


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The New York Times: This is Biden’s opportunity to make the right decision regarding Gaza