Fri 24 May 2024 5:22 pm - Jerusalem Time

Iranian newspaper hints at an Israeli role in the “Raisi” plane crash..

The Iranian newspaper "Jumhuri-e-Islami" considered that the Israeli activity in Azerbaijan reinforces the hypothesis of Tel Aviv's involvement in the plane crash of the late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi.

The newspaper said in a report, “The occurrence of the incident near the Iranian border with Azerbaijan reinforces the hypothesis that Israel was involved in the incident, given the Israeli activity in that region at the military and intelligence level.”

It added, "The president's helicopter was involved in an accident among three Iranian helicopters returning from the border area, which could weaken the hypothesis that it crashed as a result of weather factors, and enhance the possibility of external parties intervening in the incident."

The newspaper drew attention to statements by experts and technical specialists who said that the helicopter exploded in the sky before falling and crashing.

It stated that these opinions “may be evidence of the involvement of an external party.”

The newspaper pointed to a third hypothesis that spoke of the involvement of an external party by “disabling monitoring and radar devices,” which caused the helicopter to fall.

Last Monday, the Iranian authorities announced the killing of Raisi and other officials, most notably Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, after the helicopter crashed in Iran while it was returning from Azerbaijan.

"It wasn't us"

After the death was announced, Reuters quoted an Israeli official as saying that Israel had nothing to do with the killing of the Iranian president and his companions on the plane.

“It was not us,” said the official, who requested anonymity.

Tensions escalated between Iran and Israel, following the outbreak of the ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip.


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Iranian newspaper hints at an Israeli role in the “Raisi” plane crash..