Fri 19 Apr 2024 8:16 pm - Jerusalem Time

CNN: Israel and Iran will not continue exchanging blows

CNN reported, citing a source in the intelligence services, that Israel and Iran do not intend to launch new mutual strikes.

The channel's interviewer indicated that "the series of attacks has ended," and according to him, an Iranian attack is not expected in response to the recent Israeli attack.

The American ABC television channel had previously reported, quoting an American administration official, that Israel had launched a missile strike on a facility in Iranian territory, while CNN, quoting an American official, also indicated that the attack was an Israeli response to The Iranian attack on April 13.

For its part, Iranian media reported monitoring drones in the skies of Isfahan province today, Friday, around three o’clock local time. According to Iranian state television, Iranian air defenses shot down 3 drones in the skies of Isfahan. According to Tasnim Agency, no missile strikes were carried out on Iranian territory.

Iranian Army General Siavush Mihandoust explained, according to what the agency reported, that the loud sounds recorded in the Iranian city of Isfahan were linked to “air defense forces firing at suspicious objects,” and no destruction or “accidents” were recorded. In turn, informed sources told Press TV that Iranian cities, including Isfahan, were not attacked by any foreign country.


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CNN: Israel and Iran will not continue exchanging blows