Wed 17 Apr 2024 12:07 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israeli and US officials: Our assessment of the nature of Iran’s response was wrong

The American ABC News network quoted a senior American official as saying that the United States relied largely on a “misleading perception,” according to which the leader of the revolution and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ali Khamenei, was “cautious” and would never order an attack. A direct attack on “Israel”.

The network indicated that the Iranian attack and the general American assessment of Iran now require “study and re-evaluation.”

The network quoted a former Mossad official as saying that “Israel’s assessment was wrong,” and that “the rules of the game have changed,” adding: “They considered that a huge barrage of missiles was possible, but it is very unlikely.”

The Israeli official pointed out that “any Israeli response, under the new concept, assumes that Iran will follow through on its threat to launch another barrage of missiles.”

Earlier today, the Israeli newspaper “Israel Hayom” said in a report that “the night attack from Iran is a stark reminder of the loss of strategic deterrence for Israel and the United States,” and that it “created an opportunity to change the geopolitical situation in the Middle East.”

In the same context, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth confirmed that the night of the Iranian response to the targeting of the consulate in Damascus was a “strategic farce” for Israel.

The Israeli Institute for National Security Studies said that “Israel and the United States failed to deter Iran from attacking,” as “the Iranians were able to harm Israel, without obligating Washington to respond and cooperate with Tel Aviv.”


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Israeli and US officials: Our assessment of the nature of Iran’s response was wrong