Sun 03 Mar 2024 9:28 am - Jerusalem Time

In principle, Israel agrees to a 6-week truce in Gaza in exchange for Hamas releasing detainees.

An American official said that Israel agreed, in principle, to a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip for a period of 6 weeks.

On Saturday evening, the Israeli website "Walla" quoted the American official as saying that the ball is now in the court of the "Hamas" movement, that there is something similar to a framework agreement and Israel has somewhat accepted it, and there will be a ceasefire for 6 weeks in Gaza.

He explained that this approval is conditional on Hamas agreeing, on its part, to release detainees from certain vulnerable groups, including the sick, the wounded, the elderly, and women, noting that talks on a ceasefire in Gaza are still ongoing in the Qatari capital, Doha.

Earlier today, Saturday, an Israeli channel revealed new details regarding prisoner exchange negotiations between Hamas and Tel Aviv.

Israeli Channel 12 quoted a senior official participating in the ongoing negotiations on the exchange of prisoners and detainees between his country and Hamas, saying that there is no Israeli delegation and no delegation will go to Cairo if we do not get clear answers regarding two specific files.

The Israeli source - whose name and surname was not revealed by the Israeli channel - explained that the two files are to find out how many of them are alive, with the aim of continuing negotiations, and how many Palestinian prisoners will be released each time.

Earlier today, Saturday, Israel informed Egypt and Qatar that it “will not hold a new round of negotiations on the detainee release agreement until Hamas submits a list of the names of its detainees who are still alive.”

Israeli media quoted a senior Israeli official as saying, “Hamas must provide a response regarding the number of Palestinian prisoners whom the mediators offered to release as part of the deal,” noting that “Israel rejected an offer from Egyptian intelligence regarding holding a new round of talks in Cairo, this week.

The official explained that "it will be impossible to move forward with the negotiations, until we receive responses from Hamas," noting that "134 Israelis are still being held by Hamas in Gaza."

The newspaper indicated, on its website, that “there are about 134 Israeli detainees held by Hamas in Gaza, at least 32 of whom are not alive.”


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In principle, Israel agrees to a 6-week truce in Gaza in exchange for Hamas releasing detainees.