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American writer: Washington is trying to buy time in favor of continuing the Israeli massacres

The Writer Ammiel Alcalay confirmed in a report published by the British Middle East Eye website that the Israeli war on Gaza revealed that the world is facing a regime that directly targets humanity, accusing Israel and the United States of providing new lessons in “cowardice and cruelty” and buying time for Tel Aviv.

Alcalay explained that the people of Gaza, for their part, provided examples of resistance and humanity, calling for exposing this ongoing genocide, and finding ways to preserve “our humanity” while seeking a just political solution to one of the most exposed and festering wounds in the world.

Emil Alcalay is an American poet, novelist, translator, essayist, critic, and researcher of Jewish origins. He has more than 20 books. He is a professor at Queens College, City University of New York.

The writer continued that after the discussion and sharp response by Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, to the American veto last week against the Algerian decision for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, held a very brief press conference in which she spoke about the importance of “direct diplomacy on the ground until we reach the final solution,” which means that there cannot be an “immediate ceasefire” because “direct diplomacy” may be affected.

Green light

Alcalay stated that this means, in other words, a green light for the continuation of Israeli atrocities, and merely an announcement to the world while the United States and its allies buy Israel more time so that it can achieve its “alleged goals.”

"The weapons testing, population control and surveillance laboratory in Gaza, open to global consumers since at least 2007, and the complete blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip, have clearly moved to a new phase," he said.

He explained that in the days that followed Thomas-Greenfield's delaying tactic by once again vetoing the ceasefire resolution and her statement about the "final solution", the Israeli occupation forces built a road separating northern Gaza from its south, while bombing UNRWA facilities and the shelter of doctors' employees. no limits.

Children starve to death

He stressed that the occupation forces are still preventing and stopping supplies of food and medicine, and following the recording of one of the first cases of death of an infant due to hunger, 10,000 more infants are at risk of dying of starvation due to malnutrition, and many children and the elderly are likely to follow them.

This comes at a time when nearly half a million people are approaching famine in northern Gaza, while Israeli snipers are attacking Palestinians who are desperately trying to reach the little aid that is flowing.

Alcalay spoke of allegations of a vaguely referred to “zone” being built in the Egyptian Sinai desert on the border with Rafah, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently issued a vague “plan” to take control of Gaza after the attack.

The writer said that according to the drawn scenario, mass expulsion is not only possible, but has also become reasonable, while the occupation and settlers continue their deadly attacks throughout the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, amid multiple dangers facing Al-Aqsa Mosque.

He stressed that it is difficult to ignore the prolongation of the suffering to which the Palestinians are subjected, stressing that it is a real test for all of humanity. He added that it is "a test that highlights the limited extent of our political powers, even in countries that have an apparent representative democracy."


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American writer: Washington is trying to buy time in favor of continuing the Israeli massacres