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Hebrew Newspaper: Israel's explanations regarding the aid massacre in Gaza are unconvincing

The Hebrew newspaper "Haaretz" stressed on Friday that the Israeli account of the aid massacre against Palestinian civilians in the northern Gaza Strip is "unconvincing," explaining that "Israel may face greater international pressure after the massacre."

At dawn on Thursday, the Israeli forces committed a horrific massacre against defenseless Palestinians, while they were waiting for aid trucks to obtain flour, in the Nabulsi roundabout area on Al-Bahr Street in Gaza City, resulting in the death of 112 martyrs and the wounding of 760 others with various injuries, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

The Hebrew newspaper said: “The Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are certain that the Israeli army deliberately killed dozens who boarded the aid trucks,” noting that “the Israeli explanations of what happened were delayed by 10 hours, and it is very difficult to convince anyone.”

It added, quoting medical sources and eyewitnesses to the incident, refuting the story of the Israeli army, which says: "Most of those killed at the site were trampled or crushed, and the soldiers only shot a few of them."

The Israeli army claimed in a blog post on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter), that “Palestinian crowds intercepted trucks and looted them, causing the death of dozens as a result of severe crowding and ramming,” which was denied by eyewitnesses, according to Anadolu.

Haaretz pointed out that Israel "may face greater international pressure regarding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, after the massacre," in light of the ongoing negotiations to reach a deal before the month of Ramadan early next week.

The horrific massacre of civilians caused a wave of reactions condemning the massacre carried out by the Israeli forces against thousands of hungry people trapped in western Gaza.

Israel is waging a war of starvation against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip as part of its brutal aggression, by targeting basic sources of life and obstructing humanitarian aid.

The severity of the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip is rapidly escalating, especially in the north, where deaths among children and the elderly have been recorded due to lack of food as a result of the Israeli siege.

For the 147th day in a row, Israel continues to commit massacres as part of the genocidal war it is waging against the people of the Gaza Strip, targeting inhabited homes and medical and journalistic teams.

The death toll from the ongoing aggression on the Gaza Strip rose to more than 30,000 martyrs, and more than 71,000 injured with various injuries, in addition to thousands missing under the rubble, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

Source: Sama News


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Hebrew Newspaper: Israel's explanations regarding the aid massacre in Gaza are unconvincing