Fri 01 Mar 2024 8:49 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israel presents a new condition for Egypt and Qatar to return to the negotiating table again

The Israeli Walla website reported on Friday that Tel Aviv informed Cairo and Doha of its refusal to start another round of talks on a ceasefire until Hamas provides a list of the names of living prisoners.

The news site said: “Israel informed Egypt and Qatar that it will not hold another round of talks until Hamas reports the names of the living kidnapped.”

According to the website, “Qatar and Egypt had promised Israel that if they sent a delegation to the recent Doha talks, Israel would be provided with information regarding the living prisoners, and pressure would be put on Hamas to soften its position regarding the number of Palestinian prisoners it demands to be released. However, after three days of talks, In Doha, the Israeli delegation returned yesterday without answers.

The Times of Israel newspaper said that an Israeli delegation visited Egypt this week to discuss the details of a possible prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas, noting that the delegation will return to Cairo next week for further talks.

The delegation that arrived in Cairo included the head of the Israeli intelligence "Mossad" David Barnea, the head of the internal security service "Shin Bet" Ronen Bar, and the official in charge of the prisoner file in the army, Nitzan Alon, and they presented to Cairo a list of the names of Palestinian prisoners "whom Israel does not show a willingness to release in the event of an agreement being reached." With Hamas."

An informed source told Politico magazine on Thursday that American, Israeli and Qatari officials worked in the capital, Doha, during the past few days to reach a ceasefire agreement and release the detainees by Monday.

US President Joe Biden also ruled out a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas by Monday, a date he had expected earlier this week. In response to journalists' questions about his expectations of what might happen, he said that "hope is inexhaustible" and that he had spoken to the leaders of the region about a ceasefire, but he added: "This will most likely not happen by Monday."

In a related context, Biden expressed his belief that the "Rashid massacre" that took place yesterday, Thursday, and caused the death of more than 100 Palestinian citizens who gathered to receive humanitarian aid, will complicate negotiations on a ceasefire, saying: "I know it will cause that."

Last Friday, a second meeting was held to discuss a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip in the French capital, Paris. The discussions included “the release of 10 Palestinian prisoners for every Israeli civilian prisoner who is under 19 and over 50 years old in the first phase,” and “the return of those who are Over the age of 50 and under the age of 18 residents of the northern Gaza Strip to their areas of residence.

In the same context, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected what he called “the imaginary demands of the Hamas movement” as efforts continued to reach a halt to the fighting in Gaza, stressing “the escalation of international pressure on Israel to stop the war.”


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Israel presents a new condition for Egypt and Qatar to return to the negotiating table again